Monday March 31st! Cave Canem Fellow KHARY JACKSON from Miinnesta! Plus! Local Music Man JULIUS JONES & The “Almost April Fools” Challenge!

It’s been a great month in Gerund land, let’s end it with a BOOM!

khaeyjackson2POETRY FEATURE: KHARY JACKSON is a poet, playwright, dancer and musician. He is a Cave Canem Fellow, and thus has further reason to adore black people. He has written 12 plays, one of which (Water) was produced in 2009 at Ink and Pulp Theatre in Chicago. He has been a recipient of several grants, including the 2012 Cultural Community Partnership Grant, 2010 Artist Initiative Grant for Poetry from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and the 2009 VERVE Spoken Word Grant from Intermedia Arts. His first poetry book, Any Psalm You Want, was published with Write Bloody Publishing in the spring of 2013. He’s a little weird, but rest assured, there’s a method to the way he stares into your house. It’s been way too long since he’s been in the area, so we’re super amped to welcome him to the DG for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE “ALMOST APRIL FOOLS” Challenge – aprilfools Think you know your favorite poet’s work through & through? “Almost April Fools!” Well that’s what we’ll most likely be yelling if you mess up, playing our latest game show, just in time for the not-really-a-holiday-but-we’ll-call-it-one-for-the-sake-of-being-festive-and-stuff. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will cull the lesser known works of some of the greatest classic and spoken word heroes of written history. We’ll read a few lines, and it’s your job to buzz in “They wrote that!” or “They totally didn’t write that!” First to three wins a frosty prize on us! No fooling! Well, a little bit of fooling! Seriously don’t try to fool us, we’re easily fools. Thanks!

juliusjonesSpeaking of recent ex-gerund house band member news! SHANE HALL is going to Japan! GREG MCKILLOP‘s bus overturned on his way back from West Virginia (he has fine, in fact first thing he did was facebook message that his bus flipped over and he needed someone to replace him on drums at the DG!) All true! No foolin! No pre-fooling, local music man, activist and organic food connector (check our JULIUS JONES will be organizing the house band this week! We’ve had full open mics lately, so swing down early and get your name on the list! We’re trying to start at 8:30, so don’t sleep Worcester! Anyone want to favor us with a fool-proof snack? Visual arts, ruckus, best burgers by YOSH and fun will be had! Thanks to all who ventured out in the cold last monday to rock Nick’s birthday!

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