Monday! 3/24! Poet SAMANTHA MILOWSKY! Musical Act ANDA VOLLEY! Plus “Nicky’s Birthday Bash-Ful” Challenge

Only so many shopping days until NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ BIRTHDAY!!! Dirty Gerund’s starting the fun early!

milowskyFEATURED POET: SAMANTHA MILOWSKY is the founder and managing editor of Amethyst Arsenic poetry journal. She is one of the founding editors of Best Indie Lit New England. She has organized and led the Small Press Fair for MassPoetry Festival. Super excited to welcome her to our stage! SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: ANDA VOLLEY is a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer based out of Boston, MA. Her self-produced debut album Inside the Ghost Machine has andavolleybeen noted as having an indie-rock and trip hop vibe and original poetic lyrics. Anda was born in Humboldt County, Northern California. Her first home was a camper hitched to the back of a pickup truck, traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest. She spent much of her childhood on a farm in Oregon, catching lizards and pinning notes to trees.  She could climb any juniper, and kick your ass at tetherball. There’s a bunch of cities and forests she’s called home. check out this incredible video for her single, Laura Inside the Ghost Machine

nickdavisGerundBONUS RUCKUS: NICKY’s BIRTHDAY BASH-FUL Challenge – Has it been another journey around that brighty warmy thingy?  We all know it takes quite a bit to make our stalwart co-host and new IRON POET CHAMPION blush! Been mulling this around to see what we could possibly do to make the big guy awwww shux it! Well how about we take three performers who are willing to step in his writer’s shoes. Bring your favorite Davis poem or pick one from our stack! (we’ll type it up, promise… his handwriting though…) Whoever makes Nicky blush the most wins an all expense paid dinner movie date with the mad hatter himself (not so fine print, movie may comgregMcKillopGerunde from redbox, dinner may involve leftovers).

The incomparable GREG McKILLOP is returning from world domination travels to head up the house band this week! Wooooot! Who’s got the snack? YOSH SHARTIN still likes you! Visual artist TBD or TBA (not sure) there will most likely be cake, there may even be bacon in that cake (there’s precedent!) The last few weeks at the DG has been a dream! New readers! Packed houses! Tons of great energy! I’ve been wearing ties. Come down and get down with us!

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