Monday, March 17th! Poet / Improv Man PETER STOREY from NYC! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “Charpentier vs. Davis”

peterstorey2POETRY FEATURE: PETER STOREY has been featured as a “Silver-Tongued Devil” at the Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Poetry Open Mic, the Great Weather for Media Reading Series, and the Bodega Monthly, all in New York City. Originally hailing from Chelmsford, Mass, he’s producing and performing in a combined poetry/improv show at Brit Pack in NYC and Proctor’s Theatre in peterstoreySchenectady, NY, and has produced, hosted, and read at Kafe Bohem’s Monthly in Washington DC. During and after earning his Bachelor’s in English from Umass Amherst, he has lived everywhere from Big Piney, WY to the South Pole. With a list of occupations that includes selling treadmills, driving city buses, fighting wildfire, and teaching the game of chess behind him, Peter has retired to Brooklyn to tell and sell stories. RESPECT THE ICE BEARD!

charpentier-ironpoetBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH-UP “Charpentier vs Davis?” – man, I couldn’t talk him out of it, your tireless co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS says he only wants in on this because he doesn’t write enough anymore and this would force him to, and I said “take a workshop or something,” and he was all like, “no big deal, I can take her,” at which point I pointed out that Jenith don’t lose at like… anything…” and then he was all like…. So here we are! Nick is the #1(?) contender. He will challenge champion JENITH CHARPENTIEbellemerR to three rounds of poetic cookery, including haiku, short poem and incorporation, all swirling around one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

This week’s house band is going to be fronted by the amazingly talented harmonica man JEFF BELLEMER! Visual arts by SABRINA SONI! If someone would like to volunteer a snack, get at us before Monday Afternoon and all our arts dreams will come true for the week! Want to invite your friends via FACEBOOK! help us help them help us make this an amazing night! no, really, help us. we got other things going on…. (sigh)

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