Monday March 10th! Miss DG, JENITH CHARPENTIER at last! Plus! Music Man ZACK SLIK! Plus the RECIPE SLOP SWAP Challenge!


jenithPOETRY FEATURE: JENITH CHARPENTIER is the Dirty Gerund’s current Iron Poet Champion and Miss Dirty Gerund.  She also represented Worcester’s Poets Asylum at the 2012 Individual World Poetry Slam and as a member of the 2013 National Poetry Slam Team.  Jenith’s poetry appears in several publications including OVS, Mas Tequila Review, The Orange Room Review, Worcester Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, and the anthology Knocking at the Door. She is the author of two chapbooks, Bending the Water Between Us (2011) and Bad at Gravity (2013).  Jenith is the editor and publisher of Ballard Street Poetry Journal ( and will be travelling to the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam to compete as a storm poet.  More information about her work can be found at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “DAMN THAT’S GOOD SLOP, recipeRECIPE SWAP! Writing Challenge! Now that Nick and I are house mates again, we’ve gotten back to our culinary roots and have been swapping recipes. “You see Alex, where you’re using vegetables here, I’d use bacon!” (Thanks Nick!) We found some really fun old-school recipe trading cards from 1973 Curtin Publications. Here’s the deal! At the beginning of the show, you choose a card. Your mission? Write an original short poem inspired by your dish, using a few of the ingredients listed! Best written & performed poem gets a delicious prize!

zackslikHOUSE BAND & SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST – ZACK SLIK Back-porch style Old-time music, played on banjo mandolin guitar and harmonica. Music to get your heart beatin’, feet stompin, and dancing to. Born and raised in rural Worcester County, Zack brings you good old time hoe down music. Comfortable performing in a bar or on your back porch Zack plays mandolin, 5-string banjo, harmonica, and guitar with a few other tools of the trade thrown into the mix at times. Sticking close to tradition, Zack cultivates old tunes adding his own arrangements to some well seasoned classics as well as performing original material hand carved from the same tree. It is music set to get your feet a tappin’, your smile wide and your mind in another place in time. Check him out HERE!

Who’s got the snacks? Who’s got the visual arts? Who’s got the auction arts money? Who’s got some open mic poems! We’ve got the place! Join us!

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