Monday March 3rd! MATTHEW WELLMAN from Portland, Maine! Plus! Meta-What Guess Game Show!

wellmanPOETRY FEATURE: MATTHEW WELLMAN is an artist, musician, and performance poet living in Portland, ME. His most recent project is a performance art/poetry/music project called Information Concentrate dealing with technology and the human condition. He is a member of the inaugural 2013 Rythmic Cypher (Portland, ME) Poetry Slam Team and is the first-ever Rhythmic Cypher Individual World Poetry Slam Representative for 2013. He toured his way to Spokane Washington last October to compete against the best performance poets in the land. This will be his first time featuring in Worcester, and we’re excited to bring this new voice to our stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Meta-what?” Guess Quiz Show metaphorGame Show Challenge! Here’s something new. We support metaphors, even if we don’t always understand entirely what they mean. We go for life’s mysteries and burgers and sometimes both! So here’s the deal. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will spend the better part of 14 minutes digging deep into our souls and pulling out metaphors that best encapsulate our endless feelings and thoughts on this beautiful space we all share. Your job? Is to dig deep inside your clever, curious minds and excavate the literal meaning of what we just said. They say it’s open to interpretation, yadda yadda yadda, but whoever answers best will win frosty prize on us!

twitterJEN COLE is slated to rock some visual arts this week! ADAM TRUDEL and KALA FARNHAM made beautiful music when they visited the Gerund a few weeks ago. We were so impressed by their musical backing chops, we asked them back! If you just can’t wait, check out KALA ‘s website and get hip to some beautiful songs! Does anyone have a snack for us this Monday? Hit us up on the facebooks! Follow us on TWITTER! We had a brilliant show last week and I’ve never been so sorry to have missed anything! If you really really can’t wait for all this artistic wonderment! You can rock out to the guitar stylings of ADAM TRUDEL right down….. there!

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