Monday! Feb 25th! Worcester Book Release for RYK McINTYRE! Plus “Franken-Poem” Challenge!

RykMcIntyre1POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE has been a legendary presence on the New England poetry scene for decades. Which is to say, he is rarely photographed and not everyone is convinced he really exists. He’s represented poetry slam teams from Worcester, Providence and Boston at the National Poetry Slam. He has toured extensively around the continental United States and Canada, appearing on stages as varied as NYC’s New School, Portsmouth NH’s Music Hall, Lollapalooza and the very first “Legends of The Slam” Showcase, at the National Poetry Slam in 2006 in Austin, TX. therykHe has also appeared at countless poetry venues, festivals and house parties. You’d think some of those people would have had cameras. He has been published widely, most notably, in The Worcester Review, Off the Coast, Short Fuse- An Anthology of New Fusion Poets, and Aim for the Head – An Anthology of Zombie Poetry. Ryk’s making a return visit to the Gerund in support of his brand new full length book, “After Everything Burns,” released last year on Sargent Press! One of our favorites!!!

bride_of_frankenstein_by_niafarrell-d5j8u11BONUS RUCKUS: “Bride of Franken-Poem” Performance Challenge is back for a return engagement, perhaps a partially inspired by our feature’s history of monster poems, host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will play Doctor God, by bringing numerous fragments of poems, song lyrics, prose, etc to the show. Your job? Slap your hand into a hat (or bag? box? i don’t know) and select a few snippets that you will then “frankenstein” together into some sort of coherent piece, which you will take the stage to perform like it’s your own poem! Crowd fav will take home a cash prize!!!

Frankensein would consider himself SUPER LUCKY to find himself zajonat the altar with NICOLE ZAJON who has saved you all from a rice cake alert, by offering to bring a snack this monday! We are excited to welcome JEN MacPHERSON (sister of good DG Buddy and local poet Dave Mac) to our stage this week as band leader! Be there by 8:29pm to assure yourself an open mic spot! Dang, I have to fly to California for a conference on Monday and I’m super sad to be missing this… but that’s what I’ll do, help book a great show for ya’ll while I’m gone, so I can come back and hear you all say, “Dude! you totally missed it!” Yup, that’ll make this old man smile!

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