Monday Feb 17th! TU ANH PHAN from Boston! Plus! IRON POET QUALIFIER!

tuanhphanPOETRY FEATURE:  –        TU ANH PHAN is a spoken word poetry artist from Dorchester, Massachusetts. He competed nationally as part of the first ever Boston Youth Poetry Slam Team at the 2008 Brave New Voices International Youth Festival in Washington DC. He travelled extensively after graduating Northeastern University and currently works as a teaching artist in several Boston Public Schools through the Urbano Project, Hoop Suites and Mass LEAP Collective. He appreciates puppies, fish sauce, and good rap. Believes that language is how we can understand each other. This is his first feature in Worcester. This young man is wildly talented and will knock your proverbial socks off with word play, imagery and our good friend metaphor!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: “? vs. ?” It’s ironpoetapron around that time again. We’re looking for a worthy competitor to take on our current unified champion JENITH CHARPENTIER! We are making all the calls and have not yet confirmed our two challengers, but when we do? Ohhhhhh man! Two rad poets will learn the secret ingredient, run off to their respective corners and unleash their poetic prowess on an original haiku, an original short poem and then stuff that secret ingredient into a poem they’ve performed before. We’ll grab three judges, judge on three criteria and the highest point scorer will challenge our champ for the title next month!

geoffoehlingRICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! That’s two snacks in a row that the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has provided! If we’re left holding the snack bag this monday, there will be hell to pay the following week in the form of generic, unsalted rice cakes! Don’t make us go there! GOEFFREY WATSON OEHLING will be leading the house band this Monday! Come support as his stand up bass stands up for everything upright in the world! Super thanks to ASHLEY TUCKER for creating a gorgeous painting last week! We had fun but as always are looking for more open mic-ers! No snow forcast, so let’s brush off our vehicles and rock together!

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