Monday Jan 27th! Lizard Lounge Champ JANAE JOHNSON from Boston! Plus The “Grammy Slammies!” Cover Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

janaejohnsonPOETRY FEATURE: JANAE JOHNSON is a spoken word performance artist originally from the “mean and preppy suburbs” of Sacramento, California. Shortly after moving to Boston in 2010, she attended her first poetry slam at Lizard Lounge and immediately became addicted to the spoken word scene. As a former collegiate basketball player at Virginia State University, Janae uses poetry slams to fuel her competitive edge; and uses writing to become a more creative, loving, conscious and well-rounded human being. A two-time slam team member for the Lizard Lounge, she was part of the powerhouse top-20 team from this year’s National Poetry Slam. She is the reigning “Lizard Queen” at the eponymous Lounge (the venue’s top slam title) and she also acts as coach and advisor for the Simmons College Slam Team.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “GRAMMY SLAMMIES!” Cover simpson-grammyPerformance Challenge! With the Grammys approaching NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS can’t help but think, “what do they got that we don’t??” well we’re going to find out this Monday! The lyrics to a plethora of different Grammy nominated songs will be put into a bucket! you draw a song from the bucket and do your best to elevate to the level of Spoken Word Art! Winner gets a sweet prize and perhaps a trophy??? Who are YOU wearing?

rice-cakeDERRICK & ADAM aka DUCT TAPE ORCHESTRA slated to return to the ever rotating, revolving axis of house band wonderfulness! YOSH SHARTIN is our sexiest bar-man in Worcester! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT: Someone needs to volunteer a snack! It’s been three weeks. If you don’t contact us, it’s gonna get tasteless, generic price chopper, unsalted tasteless. Get at us!

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