Monday! Jan 13th! JASON HENRY SIMON BIERENBAUM from Boston! PLUS! The What are Wassabi Words Worth Warriors Challenge!

bierenbaum2POETRY FEATURE: JASON HENRY SIMON-BIERENBAUM makes his living working as a poetry teaching artist with humans of all ages and backgrounds. He is pursuing an MFA in poetry at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, writing poems that pull from different mythologies. He has guest taught at Berklee and Brandeis, spoken at Simmons, and was the 2012-2013 Harvard speak out loud teaching artist in residence and poetry slam coach. Currently, he teaches at the institute of contemporary art bierenbaumand is Outreach Coordinator and Program Associate for MassLEAP, a statewide youth poetry slam organization. He does his best to appreciate everything. This poet is acrobatic, I’m predicting he jumps on the bar during a piece! First feature in Worcester! Let’s get hip!

BONUS RUCKUS: 2014 Re-Boot as the HOLY HOT SAUCE wassabiSONNET CHALLENGE becomes the WHAT ARE WASSABI WORDS WORTH CHALLENGE?!!!! If you’ve been rocking with the Gerund for a while, you’ll understand that we not only challenge your ears with poetic words of wisdom, but sometimes challenge your taste buds with flavors as intense as the words! Come spit hot fiyah! (literally) with us this monday. We’ll bring the Wordworth Poems and the Wassabi, you down a spoon full, then hang on for dear glory, as the person who handles the heat best wins an awesome prize!!!

20120507-_DSC1199So much great energy the past few months! Let’s keep it going! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (pictured left) is soooooo pumped! Who’s got the snack? Write Nick at to commit! House band? Who knows! Actually we do, last week’s unsigned upstarts who filled in will fill in again! CODY, ANDREW & JEREMY will bring their twanging guitars and saxaphone to the DG! YOSH SHARTIN is close to calling in for assistance manning the taps! If you all keep coming to the show, that’s one more job created for our local economy! We miss you and stuff! Come hang out!!!

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