Monday Jan 6th! Cold outside! Blazing hot fire inside w/ Portland’s BEAU WILLIAMS! Plus the new “Let’s Make a Poem” Challenge!

beauwilliams1POETRY FEATURE: returning for a third engagement, BEAU WILLIAMS is a proud member of the North Beast poetry scene and a three time member of the nationally competing Slam Free or Die Slam Poetry team (2010, 2011, 2012). He has toured solo and with the poetry collective, Uncomfortable Laughter alongside Wil Gibson, Kait Rokowski and Ryan McLellan. Now he performs across the country with Wil and Ryan as the group GUYSLIKEYOU. Beau created the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever Let’s Make A Poem! Gameletsmakeadeal01m Show! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has been watching some old school day time TV lately and he’s also been drinking. Taking both these things into account I present a new game for a new year! LET’S MAKE A POEM! STEP 1 Contestants write a haiku about something they are wearing! STEP 2 The Contestant with the best haiku is given the opportunity to choose one of three mystery boxes. Hints about the box contents are given in the form of short poems!

_DSC8980Old friend CASEY DEGNAN visual arts us! We expect a return of the Duct Tape Band. YOSH has been holding it down solo lately. Let’s pack the house and force him to hire help! Let’s rock that creative economy! Who’s got the snack? Bundle up this monday, then come down and get warm with us!

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