Monday! Dec. 30th! CASH SLAM w/ New Year’s Twist! Last Gerund of the year ya’ll!!!

Super thanks to all who came to the Birthday Bash last monday! Great night indeed! Let’s end this year in style! One of you could win some bank!!! End the year right with!

resolutionPOETRY FEATURE & RUCKUS! 2013/2014 OPEN CASH SLAM – RESOLUTION REVOLUTION! Here’s the gauntlet thrown! Me and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS are putting $50 on the line, to a poet who can beat us in a poetry slam, but not just any poetry slam! This has got an end of the year, beginning of a new year twist! 2 rounds. 2 poems about, first round about the year gone by, 2013 and second round, future style, muse, rant or scream about 2014 and all the awesome you plan on being! All other poetry slam rules apply. We’ll select 5 judges and pay $50 to the poet who can take us out the best! (NOTE: me and Nick are committed to writing two new poems this weekend. we will only do this if we have two other competitors. Do it! It’ll be fun!)

Extended open mic with the DUCT TAPE BAND! YOSH & new sidekick MIKEY will be on hand with your liquid and burger favorites! Who’s bringing the snack? Who’s doing the art? Come down this monday and say so long to 2013! Get immortal, hug a mic stand!

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