Monday! Dec 23rd! Alex’s Birthday Bash, Gerund Style!

dgPhotoShootAlexNickCause why not?! As we approach the end of the year, booking shows becomes kinda strange. Weather, holiday travel plans and the like, prohibit us from reaching out to feature folks. Holiday time shows are a wild card, at best. We have no idea who’ll show, but we do shows no matter what, so in the interest of being real….

ALEX BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, and by extravaganza, we DGruckusMeandNickmean, we’ll be there, and so should you. Your distinguished DG co-chair, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will be hosting and holiday merrymaking. He’s promised to take the reigns of this show, cause well, I’m starting to become an old man now, and I like it! Nick has promised some fun times and special surprises, let’s just say my finger prints are off this one! Extended open mic? Surprise guests? Cake? Bonus bonus ruckuses? I wouldn’t put anything past us!

aaronwhiteNEWDG-ARTHonestly, all I really WANT for my birthday is for folks to BRING IT! Your listening ears, your best and brightest work to our stage, your clapping hearts! I want an open mic that’ll make our diner car rock! 50 to 51 weeks outta the year, I do my best to bring some of the most interesting, passionate features to our stage. We don’t really need a feature (unless Nick booked one, that is, did he?) we got enough fire power in our community to make the northern lights take notice. So let’s go! DUCT TAPE BAND! YOSH! EMILEE! AARON! All interested in being a part of this number, friend NICK on facebook and message him, he might let you know what’s going to go down!

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