Monday, Dec 16th, local author MICHAEL FISHER book release! PLUS IRON POET QUALIFIER! “Sapienza vs. King”!

fisherPOETRY FEATURE: MICHAEL FISHER holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College. His work has appeared in several places online and in print. His first collection “The Wolf Spider” was published by Plan B Press in 2010. Currently, he works as an adjunct professor in Worcester, MA. In Libretto for The Exhausted World, Michael Fisher manages to capture and render the sounds, sights, and feelings of modern life. But unlike so many contemporary poets, Fisher’s formal playfulness—his nervy, fisher-bookkaleidoscopic music—seems always to derive from real feeling, from the depth of emotion in his protagonist (Psi) and in his own sensibility. Libretto for The Exhausted World is an invigorating book—and a cause for gratitude.Peter Campion – This is Michael’s first feature at the Gerund, we’re always super excited to welcome a local author done good! Copies of this new book will be available for sale Monday Night!!!! 

IronPoetApronBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER! “SAPIENZA vs. KING!” It’s that time again, now that the Iron Poet Championship Title has been unified in the form of new champ JENITH CHARPENTIER, the Dirty Gerund can now focus on getting back to a monthly match-up where we can identify and recruit hungry poet candidates who’d like to take a shot at the title. This month, we’ve taken a wrecking ball to the chalk board and came up with a diabolically brilliant match-up! 2013 Worcester Slam Team Veteran & current MFA candidate SARAH SAPIENZA will take on punk rock provocateur ASLAN KING in a matchup for the ages! Two poets, three poetic concoctions and one secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Winner gets a shot at the champ next month!

Comic man extraordinaire DOUG CHAPEL returns as guest visual artist next week! Duct tape band? Who knows? If anyone wants to volunteer a snack, contact me or Nick on facebook! Things have been cooking the last month, so come on down and sign up before 8:30pm, as the Dirty Gerund venture to get done at as reasonable an hour as we can muster!



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