Monday December 9th! Poet, Emcee, Activist JARED PAUL from Providence! Plus! The JUKEBOX Remix Performance Challenge!

jaredpaul1POETRY FEATURE: Having toured internationally in over 200 cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe playing alongside legendary poets, musicians, journalists, and speakers such as Amy Goodman, Saul Williams, Bill Clinton, Sage Francis, Our Lady Peace, Paul Hawken, Jello Biafra, Immortal Technique, Anti-Flag, Atmosphere, The Misfits and many others, JARED PAUL is widely recognized as one of the premiere performance poets in the world. His work has been featured on the jaredpaul2Canadian Broadcast Company program, “Zed TV,” as well as in CMJ Magazine and The Providence Journal. Jared is a two time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist and has been a featured poet at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the Post Secret national book tour, South By Southwest Music Festival, and Net Roots Nation. He was also the headlining act for the 2009 Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach grand opening at the nationally acclaimed Villa Stuck gallery in Munich, Germany.

Victor Infante wrote a bad-ass review in the Worcester T&G for Jared’s new spoken word album, check it HERE

jukeboxBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever JUKEBOX RUCKUS REMIX Performance Challenge! Got nerve? Got an unbreakable performance spirit chops? Got LOUD? Well here’s your chance to win a snazzy prize this week! We know where the volume knob is on the Ralphs Diner Juke Box! The challenge? You begin your loud performance piece, and you try to keep it together, while NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS tries to throw you off your game by playing god, I mean, DJ on the jukebox. He’ll choose a weird song and twist the volume know hither and tither trying to make you lose your place! Come out the other side like a champ and impress the audience to win!!!

More factory of Terror Guest Visual Artist as our new friend DGfunHECTOR mans the paint brushes this Monday night! Who’s got the snack! YOSH SHARTIN has been manning the taps alone lately, let’s pack the place and create more jobs local creative economy style! Three weeks in a row we miss duct tape band members DERRICK MEADE & ADAM CASTEN, but expect them back after their jam band sabbatical! Not much more to say! Remember, we start at 8:30pm these days! Packed open mic last week including new voices! DG is on fire and not retiring!

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