Monday Dec 2nd!!! CLARK UNIVERSITY SLAM reads poems at a Grad School Level!!! Plus! Haiku X-Mas Wish List Challenge!!

ritter-prestonWelcome December! Now snow yet and things are just heating up at the Dirty Gerund! So join us in killing off the rest of this year with another month of great times! POETRY FEATURE: Members of the CLARK UNIVERSITY POETRY SLAM COLLECTIVE – 3 amazing young writers are 21 plus and co-featuring us something fierce! ZOE RITTER, JOHN PRESTON (pictured above eating guac) and CLAIRE McDONALD (reading at stART Fest, pictured right) have been penning awesome verse on claire-mcdonaldcampus over the past few years! They run a weekly college writing group, hold poetry slams & open mics and have performed all over school and beyond! Each are wonderfully talented and deserve features of their own, but hey, we’re into working all sorts of holiday time magic, so we’re inviting all three to our stage to rock it!

drunksantaBONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Ole Saint Nicholas’ Haiku Holiday Wish List” Challenge! If by Saint Nick, you mean SAINT NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, who’s got sugar plums and other outdated, archaic winter time tasty treats dancing around in his sleepy time melon! Well he’s gonna spend the better part of 14 minutes monday afternoon furiously writing down popular gifts that he just wishes someone would wrap up and put under his tree of send to him via Amazon! It’s easy, he reads the original hai-klu (get it?) you buzz in and guess. First to three wins a special holiday beverage on us! Ho ho ho!!!! Hiccup!

Well, our holiday prayers have been answered, we expect the return dg-handbill-newof our regular DG Duct Tape Band tomorrow! We are even expecting a special surprise who’s been known to strum a tune or two on our stage! Ooops, maybe I said too much! You can never say too much on our open mic! Get there before 8:30pm if you want in. Who’s got the snacks? Who’s got the visual arts? Join us, I promise to keep safe and sparkly under that mistletoe. Let’s make good choices people!

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