Monday! November 25th! KAYLA WHEELER from NH Slam Free or Die! Plus! “Drunken Text or Poem?” Challenge!

Great couple weeks in a row! Starting at 8:30 once again!!! Get at us!

kaylawheelerPOETRY FEATURE: KAYLA WHEELER is a poet, potty-mouth and ex-ballerina from New Hampshire. She was a semi-finalist at the 2013 National Poetry Slam, having represented Manchester, NH’s Slam Free Or Die. Her work has appeared in various literary journals including The Subterranean Quarterly, Wicked Alice and Resurgo Magazine. She is a gentleman and scholar. Currently living in Maine and studying Nursing, Kayla’s taking a break to pay us a visit and feature at our venue for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: Is that uhmmm… a poem or a drunken drunk-cattext message? CHALLENGE! Yeah, we know. It’s really hard to tell sometime. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is fluent in both, so we’re letting him tugboat this ship into the harbour! We’ll take three of our most competitive guessers, Nick reads off a snazzy line, you buzz the buzzer and say “Poem” or “Text” – remember, you can’t say other! Be the first to guess three correctly and win a frothy prize that will help both your poetry and your late night communications!

dgfun2Last week saw the beginning of our DUCT TAPE Band’s two week hiatus while they’re off writing them hit songs! In the meantime, uber DG friend JOSH HOLDEN put together a new band called THE LEAF PEEPERS and they brought the space noise circus quirk! Who will guest band us this week? stay tuned! Who’s got the snack? Message us! Who’s got the visual arts! Get at AARON WHITE if you’re interested! Open Mic, YOSH & CHICKEN give thanks for your patronage! Hey! Start this holiday week off right! Everyone’s cutting out and cutting it up a bit next week, so let’s rock!

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