Monday Nov 4th! DG welcomes “Fall Frontal Assault” Tour from University of Hell Press! Plus “The Erm… Awkward Toast Masters’ Challenge!

Remember! We’re still rocking an 8:30pm start time! Get to the house early for your shot at the mic! This week’s super special as we welcome special, intrepid, poetic masters on tour!

eireanbradleyPOETRY DOUBLE FEATURE: The “FALL FRONTAL ASSAULT TOUR” – Portland Oregon Duo tearing across country on a 3 nationwide month tour! If you’ve been to the Portland Poetry Slam, there is a strong possibility that EIREAN BRADLEY has called you a “motherfucker” several times in the most loving way possible. Bradley is the host and organizer of the Portland Poetry Slam and is a seven-time National Poetry Slam competitor, a two-time National Poetry Slam finalist, and former Portland davidsonGrand Slam champ. He has toured extensively, showcasing his prowess in 46 states, and is known for being equal parts cuddly and cranky and one of the foulest-mouthed humans alive. He loves poetry and bacon, not in that order. the I in team is his first book (with real, perfect binding and everything). Eirean can be found on Facebook. LEAH NOBLE DAVIDSON  has a curious 6-year-old and the charismatic precision of a spy. She lives in Portland, OR. Poetic Scientifica is her first book of poetry. Leah can be found on Facebook. Both are rocking brand spanking new full collections of poetry, released on UNIVERSITY OF HELL PRESS

53toastmasterBONUS RUCKUS: The Super Awkward Toastmaster’s Challenge – flex your poetic improv muscles as NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS welcomes you into the incredibly awkward world of public speaking! Bring your best prepared toast (the speaking kind, not wonderbread kind) dedicated to the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show as we enter into our fifth year of doing… you know… that think we do! That’s the first round! Round #2 takes you to stranger places where your improv skills will be on call, then will be mad at you later. Nicholas will throw down the subject and setting of your next toast. Keep in mind, Nicholas will be presenting you with toast challenges that’ll make you wish we were talking about wonderbread. Awesome prize for the winner!

Thanks to KENNY BRIAND aka Mone3 for beat-boxing his way into being alexDGthreethe house band this past Monday Night! Great open mic and Dead Poetry Slam won by JENITH CHARPENTIER who’s winning every prize we got these days! We could use a snack time volunteer! Visual Arts will be had! YOSH & CHICKEN miss you and are ready to bring you the best in burgers and drinks, this time a bit earlier! RALPH’S DINER has a larger flat screen TV and Netflix up front, in case you want to take a break and check the score or whatever classic flick Yosh is entertaining himself with. Great Alex! Promote the Poetry Show with TV. “All to inform, all to inform!” Happy Halloween!

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