Monday October 28th! We start early again! w/ DEAD POET’s SLAM

Great show last week everybody! Full open mic, actually kicked off at 8:30! Excellent energy and we persevered the impromptu metal show last night! Only metal this week is the mercury as our blood fever pitches us through the World Series!

ImageDEAD POET’S SLAM – in honor of the creepy crawlies, let’s have a cash prize poetry slam. Bring two poems from someone who is no longer living (although their words live on, etc, etc) – Perform them to the best of your abilities, get the best scores from our randomly selected judges and walk away $50 richer!

Feel free to rock your favorite costume! We’ll have a special prize on hand for the best!

House Band! Open Mic! We could use a snack volunteer!

This is a short and sweet post. I’m a short and sweet guy!

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