Monday 10/14, MORRIS STEGOSAURUS returns to New England! Only show!

morrisPOETRY FEATURE: MORRIS  STEGOSAURUS is the author of the poetry collection “Zebra Feathers” on Minor Arcana press. He lives in Seattle with his boyfriend, musician and artist Oscar Stratocumulus, was a member of 4 national poetry slam teams, including Worcester ’04, and doesn’t like writing bios. So we’ll try to take it from here! In Morris has been featured on finals stage as a member of Seattle Poetry Slam. His last time competing at the National Poetry Slam was for our very own Worcester Team in 2004! He’s toured nationally, lived in Chicago, Salt Lake City and is making a special trip out here to visit. This will be his only show in New England, so we’d really love to see a lot of folks out tomorrow night to check out one of the most abstract, original voices that’s ever come out of the performance poetry movement! Rawrrrr….

BONUS RUCKUS: The FOSSILIZED POEM ARCHAEOLOGIST CHALLENGEfossilin honor of our special guests special stage name, Nick and I are gonna wear our pith helmets and inviting would be Indiana Joneses to dig through some much to re-create what dinosaurs must’ve thought poetry was. Can’t explain much more here. Nick’s digging around for more ideas in that labyrinth of a brain of his to figure out some more logistics. There will be fossilized poem fragments and we’re gonna need your help in determining what they mean, history of the world style!

AISHA NASEEM is gonna rock some snacks this week. No rice cake alert! Will we have a band? Will we have a visual artist! Looks like you’ll all have to come down and see! We do know that YOSH & CHICKEN make the best burgers in town!

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