Monday! 9/30! ROBBIE Q. TELFER from Chicago! Plus! The Harvest Haiku Challenge!

robbie QPOETRY FEATURE: ROBBIE Q. TELFER has been a featured performer in dozens of poetry shows throughout North America & Europe! While his work can be found in several slam poetry anthologies and DVDs through the Wordsmith Press and elsewhere, he also helps to bridge the divide between stage and page poetry by publishing poetry and criticism in places like the cream city review, Octopus Magazine #10, and the March/April 2006 American Book Review. In 2005, he and five other Chicago performance poets founded the Speak’Easy Poetry Ensemble under the direction of slam poetry founder Marc Smith. He and the Speak’Easy Ensemble performed at the annual Bertolt Brecht Festival in Augsburg, Germany the summer of 2008. In 2007, he placed 8th overall at the National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX. He’s a former Director of Performances for Young Chicago Authors, a nonprofit that gives creative writing, performance, and mentorship opportunities to robbieq-2Chicago teens. Through Young Chicago Authors, he was one the head organizers of Louder Than A Bomb, the Chicago city-wide youth slam and the largest team-based youth poetry slam in the world. In 2008, along with Shanny Jean Maney, he co-founded The Encyclopedia Show, a live literary variety show that presents different topics at each show. Since its founding, the show has spread to over a dozen cities in four different countries around the world. His first published collection, Spiking the Sucker Punch, is out from Write Bloody Publishing. In 2011, he was named Best Local Poet by the Chicago Reader.[1]

harvest-delivery-02BONUS RUCKUS: The First Ever HARVEST HAIKU CHALLENGE. In honor of Robbie’s latest project about gardening and in honor the Falls Harvest we will do a haiku challenge. We read a haiku, you buzz in and guess what veggie wrote that haiku. Win a prize! To check out Robbie’s newest project, go to

DUCT TAPE BAND will  be in effect! We’re in need of a snack! Get at us if you got the culinary skills that can cut the proverbial mustard or whatever other condiment you enjoy using. YOSH & CHICKEN have broken out the sweatshirts and think you should too! WE MISS YOU! Like, a LOT!!!!

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