This post shall not only serve to promote tomorrow evening’s show, but will also encompass several important announcements that have been brewing like the finest espresso shot!

poetry-slam-scorePOETRY FEATURE – You… sort of…. The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show is announcing it’s first ever OPEN POETRY SLAM. Top prize $50 for the winner. Worcester’s longest running performance poetry venue, the Poet’s Asylum is calling it quits after 20 plus years of weekly readings, slams and features. The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has agreed to house the Official Worcester Poetry Slam, for the time being so…. we thought we’d take this opportunity (and a feature calling in sick) to get acclimated to what this poetry slam thing is all about. For slamshirt-worcesterthose of you who do not know, a poetry slam is a verbal competition, in which poets have 3 minutes to recite, read, perform their own original work. No props. No costumes. No (sorry fellas) musical accompaniment. We will select 5 judges to score these poems 0-10. After dropping low and high scores, the remaining three produce a poet’s score. Judges are asked to take into account performance as well as quality of writing. We will take up to 6 competitors who will perform in two rounds (each round will take up one of our usual feature slots). Best cumulative score through 2 rounds wins $50!!!! Not too shabby for 2 poem’s work!

gonefishing-5BONUS RUCKUS: There is none! We’re doing our first poetry slam in over 4 years of doing shows. That’s ruckusy enough me thinks! MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS: FIRST FRIDAY SHOWS ARE ON HIATUS for the remainder of 2013. What can we say, we tried. We brought quality shows to the upstairs stage, but could not consistently pull in enough audience to make it worth while for us and our heralded venue. Friday night’s a tough sell for sure, but we are planning on regrouping to see what can be done for 2014.

EVEN MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS: RUCKUS STAFF JOB OPENING – Our emileeinsanely talented and gracious Snack Time Queen, EMILEE MORREALE is stepping down from her role for the time being. Emilee’s a bomb-ass caterer, creative soul partner and benevolent visionary who’s dropped our jaws on soooo many occasions in the two plus years in this official capacity. Work commitments have cut into her free time, so we are open to someone stepping in to fill this role for the time being. No, we do not want someone to make snacks every week, but we would love it if someone could help coordinate volunteers, or reach out to local eateries who may be willing to donate to the cause of promoting their wares to the likes of us with some free bites. And yes, you can whip something up every now and again! We love you EMILEE!!!!!! All hail!

_DSC8980So what’s left! Yes Martin will tickle the keys over Derreck’s drum snaps! Visual arts will happen! YOSH & (fill in other barkeep here) will still spill and rock the front juke box like few others! SAM PARADISE is rocking a sinister snack for tomorrow night! Come on! Who wants that $50 cash slam prize! Who wants a piece of Devo! Sorry for the “Friday” Movie Reference, I just got so excited there for a second!

$50 cash prize! We will not have this slam unless 4-6 people sign up! Let’s go! If you want to rsvp a spot, tough! get there by 9pm! Sick of yellin’!

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