Monday! September 16th! INDIGO BETHEA from Providence! Plus IRON POET Interim CHAMPIONSHIP! “MORRILL vs. CHARPENTIER”

indigoPOETRY FEATURE: You may remember INDIGO K. BETHEA from our August First Friday Dirty Gerund All-Star Slam Team Upstairs Spectacular! (water pistols what?!!!) She is a Cultural Anthropologist at large, having taught in colleges and universities around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. When not in teaching mode, she can be found most Tuesday nights at “Got Poetry! LIVE!” hosted by Blue State Coffee House. Upcoming features: RISD Muesum 10/6/13 @ 12-1 pm, Blue State Coffee House 10/22/13 @ 8 pm. Don’t want to wait that long? Then check out her poetry books at “But Beautiful: Reflections on Love and Loss” and “A Calling Out to Nubia: Poetry for the Young and Old” – This is her first time featuring in Worcester, so you know we’re super duper excited!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP! “Morrill vs. missdirtygerund-charpentierCharpentier!” It’s time to settle some Iron Poet Business before we bring back the official trophy! Word has is DR. JENN MAHON is back in the area and we need to begin the process of making this an undisputed title! Our interim champion JACKIE MORRILL is looking to get her hands on the ultimate trophy, she’s currently wearing the interim belt like a lady champ, but newly crowned JENITH CHARPENTIER presents an truly daunting challenge! Winner will take DR. Mahon on for the title! 3 original poetic concoctions, three judges, 3 categories to judge by, one diabolical secret ingredient from CHAIRMAN YOSH SHARTIN! Let’s go! Let’s start on the path of unifying this title!!!!

stART2013DUCT TAPE BAND‘s back together! YOSH & CHICKEN are ready to drink-sling like an irresponsible spider man! Totally looking to rebound from a fun, if less than packed, show last week! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & SAM PARADISE will be holding thing’s down at stART on the STREET Festival Tomorrow! By the way, ya’ll have to go tomorrow and suppert the local scene! Visit the Worcester Review Poetry Table and grab some DG fliers, street team style! Who’s got snacks? Who’s got visual arts! Who’s got smiles! I want ’em!!!!

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