Monday 9/9/13 – POET, ACTOR JEREMY RADIN from LA! Plus….”Bittersweet Challenge Part Deux!”

We’re into year 5 – woah! Let’s kick it off right!

jeremyradinPOETRY FEATURE – JEREMY RADIN is a poet and actor and eater of fancy cheeseburgers. He was born and raised in California’s San Fernando Valley, where he began performing in musicals at thirteen because he had a lot of energy and Ritalin wasn’t working. Since then, you may have seen him on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, CSI, Victorious if you’re twelve, and many others. As a performance poet, he’s shared the stage with such dynamic talents as Derrick Brown and Mindy Nettifee  (as co-host of The Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour), Anis Mojgani, Beau Sia, Mike Mcgee, Jon Sands, and Rachel McKibbens. He’s performed his poetry at venues all over Southern California for groups such as Write Bloody Publishing and PEN USA. His first book, Slow Dance with Sasquatch (2012), is available from Write Bloody Publishing. Check out!!!

BONUS RUCKUS – Check it! “Bittersweet Challenge Part #2” Remix Style! lemonfaceWe had so much fun this past friday watching performers pucker up before spitting sweet verse and lemon seeds that we thought we’d rock that ish again! Let’s go! We’ll have lemon wedges and sweet sonnets on hand! You suck on them puckers and do your best and whoever does the best will win a truly sweet prize, not bitter yo! Yo!

Will we have a band this week? Who knows! We’ll have some badass snacks, some badass visual arts! Some badass YOSH & CHICKEN handing you drinks and burgers for a badass price! Do it!

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