Friday! 9/6, DIRTY GERUND celebrates 4 Years in the Breaking! Our anniversary! Miss DG Pageant, Features, Ruckus, More!!!

Hear ye, hear ye! Upstairs at Ralphs Tomorrow Night!

20120416-_DSC0017Nicholas Earl Davis & Alex Charalambides celebrate our 4th year of getting zany, brainy, blamey and complainy!!! Fall of 2009 seems like a long time ago in the schemes of things, but we don’t know, let’s call this a post-graduate year, we’re just not ready…. FRESHMEN!!!!

RUCKUSES GALORE!!!! – MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT – me and nick are dudes. we’re not trying to be all patriarchal n stuff, we barely know what that word means. Our show is in need of a bad-ass, fierce, intelligent, word-warrior who would condescend to hang with us and represent us at official state functions! This pageant includes, talent competition (duh!), reverse pander haiku (tell us we’re okay…. please!) and the ever unpredictable pageantinterview portion….. Past winners include Jackie Morrill, Halliday Nelson, Megan Thoma, and Emilee Morreale… They’re all much more important than me and Nick Davis will ever be! There’s a sash!

RUCKUS GALORE!!!! – THE BITTERSWEET Performance Challenge! Yay! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has figured out a new way to make you put food lemonfacein your mouth while doing poetry! We give you lemons and sweet poems. You’re gonna have to make them work! Winner gets a nifty prize!

STILL MORE RUCKUS!!!! – The “YOU DON’T KNOW US!” Listen / Guess Who Challenge. Me and Nick have only been reading our poetry at the DG for like what? oh yeah, 4 YEARS! This competition is for die-hards only. We have a special guest celebrity who’s going to read lines from our books without letting you know who wrote it. First to guess three correct wins!!!

There’s gonna be so much more to this captaincatshow than ruckus! How about spotlight poetry sets from EMILY MELE, JAMES KOBIALKA and comedy from SEAN CONNOLY?!!! We’re have a few other surprises in store! GUEST VISUAL ARTIST AARON WHITE & Musical Guests, the bouncy, fun, rock stylings of local favorites CAPTAIN CAT!

$ 5 at the door! Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9:30pm. Dirty Gerund is taking you back to school! Upstairs style!

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