Tonight! Sept 2nd, STEVE SUBRIZI performs for the return WIN! Plus LABOR DAZE Haiku Guess Challenge!

subriziPOETRY (and MUSIC) FEATURE: STEVE SUBRIZI Steve Subrizi frequents the Boston Poetry Slam at Cantab Lounge and has performed poetry and music across America by himself; with Emerson College’s first slam team, the Gringo Choir; with former New Hampshire slammaster Sam Teitel; and with his band, the Crazy Exes from Hell. He just put out his first solo album, Home Alone Forever. His poems have been published in such places as Muzzle, Neon, and PANK, and he has shared bills with such acts as The Kristen Ford Band, The Smittens, and Bern & The Brights. He lives in Somerville, MA, and writes songs in the “punk periphery” rock tradition of Jonathan Richman, Elvis Costello, and Morrissey. He and Kirsten Opstad sometimes form the songwriting duo The Crazy Exes From Hell, who deal in “really agitated—and really funny—breakup songs” (Dan Bolles, Seven Days). His song “I Can Do It Alone” was featured in the soundtrack of the Indie Soap Award–winning web series WRECKED. His first studio album, Home Alone Forever (2013), was produced by Jon Corey at Steed Sound and features Ariel Bernstein on drums and Kirsten Lamb on bass.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “LABOR DAZE” Haiku Guess Challenge – New_York_Construction_WorkersOne of my favorites, NICK and I are working on our day off. Go figure. PArt of this work is writing poems. That might seem like work, except when we have all this other work to do. Okay, enough about work, how about some haiku’s a bout work? We’re bringing haiku’s written from the perspective of occupations. Hear the poem, absorb the clue, buzz in and guess at what job we’re referring to. Be the first to get to three and win a cold one on us!  – DUCT TAPE is the hardest working band in poetry business! VISUAL ARTS and SNACK TIME and YOSH & CHICKEN AND oh my!!!! this friday is first friday, back to school edition and 4th DG anniversary with special performances upstairs! Check the FACEBOOK INVITE for more info and to click and share with your friends! SHARE!!! That’s like the first thing they teach you in life!

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