Monday August 26th! Two Time NPS Champ JUSTIN LAMB from New Orleans! Plus Open Iron Poet Competition!

justinlambPOETRY FEATURE: JUSTIN LAMB is a New Orleans-based educator, poet and three time member of the Team Slam New Orleans (Team SNO, 2011-2013). He is the 2012 Slam New Orleans Grand Slam Champion as well as the 2013 SNO Runner Up.  In 2012 Justin qualified for the Southern Fried Poetry Slam finals stage as an individual and a member of Team SNO, who went on to win the 2012 National Poetry Slam in Charlotte.  Before moving to New Orleans to teach, he co-founded Boston University’s “Speak For Yourself” performance poetry group. Justin‘s debut live poetry album, “However It Turns Out Is Perfect,” was released in April of 2013.  For a review from New Orleans’s OffBeat magazine, click here.  “There is nothing quite like the manic, whacked out, no-holds-barred poetry of Justin Lamb.” – Wess “Mongo” Jolley, poet and host of the Indiefeed Performance Poetry Podcast. First time featuring in Worcester, Justin and his team are still celebrating their second consecutive team championship at the National Poetry Slam!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET OPEN QUALIFIER. Nick and I are getting a IronPoetApronlittle less OCD in our old(er) age. We figured we don’t need to pre-select our iron poet competitors. Here’s the deal, we’ll take two, maybe three competitors this Monday. We’ll give you the ingredient. You create original haiku, short poem and incorporate ingredient into a poem you’ve read before. Three judges will give you scores based on taste, presentation and of course, use of the night’s ingredient! We’ll rock haiku and short poem after the first half, then incorporation round to cap the night! Winner gets a shot at facing interim champion JACKIE MORRILL very soon!

ralphsdinerWE should see a return of Casten & Meade this week! YOSH & CHICKEN like jerkey! Snacks have been plentiful and wonderful lately (thanks Em!) but if we don’t get a volunteer soon, we may be returning to the land of rice cakes before you know it! We’re working on a fun first friday coming up next week. Expect more details soon! Back to school shopping? Back to school dropping? Whichever, we still got fun times ahead!

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