Monday, August 19th! Post National Poetry Slam revelry with BRANDO CHEMTRAILS from DENVER! Plus “NICK NEVER…” Behavior at NPS Guess Challenge!

brandoPOETRY FEATURE – BRANDO CHEMTRAILS is a trailblazing young poet from Denver Colorado, member of Minor Disturbance Youth Poetry Slam Teams a few years ago, he dropped jaws at Brave New Voices International Youth Festivals with blisteringly socio political work and manic stage delivery! Brando went on to win the 2011 National Poetry Slam Team competition with Denver’s Slam Nuba and is currently on tour! Political activist, punk aesthetics, intense words coming at you this Monday Night! Check out his album at!

BONUS RUCKUS: “The Nick Never…” Guess Challenge – NICHOLAS EARL nickdavisGerundDAVIS competed at his first National Poetry Slam this past week in Boston as a member of Poet’s Asylum Worcester Slam Team! It’s been 8 years since last he attended and there are still legends about his time time there. There are all sorts of rumors about what happened to Nick this past week. We’re going to throw out all sorts of zany scenarios of Nick’s misadverntures on the National Slam Scene. You buzz in and guess true or false. First to three wins a frosty prize on us!

_DSC8979VISUAL ARTS & SNACKS are on lock! We’re working on a replacement Duct Tape Band as we speak. We may be willing to accept walk on band tonight as long as we don’t have to lug equipment or pay you and you know how to play your instrument that is! Don’t make us make YOSH & CHICKEN play, we’ll never get our burgers then! See you tonight!

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