Monday! August 12th! Worcester Poetry Slam Team Send-Off, DG Style!

worcesterslamteam2013POETRY FEATURE: 2013 WORCESTER POETRY SLAM TEAM includes a wide array of poetic styles and attitudes, including a little DG Flair in the form of your intrepid co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. He will ring-lead this poetic circus with solo and team performances from fellow team members, SARAH SAPIENZA, JENITH CHARPENTIER, SAM TEITEL and ELIZABETH HEATH! They still have some team books, some team stickers, and plenty of poems that you can appreciate as they prepare to defend the 508 honor at the 2013 National Poetry Slam in Boston this week! Tuesday Night, Worcester faces off against teams from Charlotte, Austin & Decatur, Georgia! Wednesday nps2013logoNight 9pm, Worcester goes up against Lizard Lounge, Philadelphia & Washington University Slam outta St. Louis! Check that National Poetry Slam link for Worcester Poetry Slam Team match-ups, ticket pricing and information, as well as details on the late night DIRTY GERUND POETRY ROAD SHOW presentation at the LIZARD LOUNGE on TUESDAY, AUGUST 13th at 11pm! Festival pass gets you in everywhere! Finals tickets sold separately and individual admission available for single shows!

slam-iamBONUS RUCKUS: “SLAM or CLASSIC PAGE POEM” Super Guess Challenge! Can you even tell the difference between classic pieces from the canon or today’s hip fresh poems from the tips of modern day performance mouths? NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS just isn’t convinced. He thinks slam poetry is real poetry! Ha! To prove his point, he will bring lines from both worlds and put you to the test. Be the first to guess “Slam” or “Not Slam” three times and win thyself a frothy prize!

After a one week sabbatical, expect a return of music and DG Duct Tape DG artauctionBand! AARON WHITE had nobody to sell art to last week, (forreal, there were like 2 people on the open mic and 3 audience members wondering where everybody else was last week, which is a shame because CHIRSTOPHER CLAUSS gave a phenomenal feature and you missed it!) so our visual arts director is back with 13 minute monsters and the means to make more! Bring them art auction dollars! RICE CAKE ALERT PUNISHMENT has been exacted! EMILEE MORREALE is expected back to resume her snack-time queen-dom! Come hang with us! Don’t make us get all dark!

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