Monday July 29th! GREG McKILLOP returns to the scene of the rhyme! PLUS! Musical Guest JESSE LACY from Indiana!

gregMcKillopGerundPOETRY FEATURE: Our former musical director and intrepid everyman is returning home from Portland, wearing his big boy birthday poetry feature pants! GREGORY McKILLOP is not a well known nationally touring poet, musician, or teaching artist. He instead admits to being loved by one person in every town he has ever been to, and returns from time to time to visit friends and trade stories. After five straight years of touring, building a 20+ piece brass band, and collaborating on the release of 20 albums (including 9 solo and 3 full band releases) he has returned to the midsection of the monomyth cycle to reflect and decide where to send himself creatively. Although proudly and originally from Worcester MA, where he identifies with the old dark buildings and seven hills, Gregory now lives in a sober artist collective named “Dreamship” which exists just inside Portland Maine, and proudly loves it there and will probably ask you to live there with him if you visit. His favorite things include safe spaces, watching newcomers come to open mics and feeling completely at home, inclusivity and all of his friends at Rhythmic Cypher, a poetry venue in Portland Maine in a quiet tea shop.

BONUS RUCKUS: We’re breaking our “no musical spotlight” guest rule forjesselacy an evening and rocking out to the sounds of Indiana Musica Man JESSE LACY who graduated from Indiana University in English and Music and now pursues a career in music. He is currently on an East-coast tour to promote his debut album, ‘First Steps.’ Lacy is a passionate vocalist and musician that gains inspiration from such artists as: Cat Stevens, Iron & Wine and Glen Hansard. With a collection of uplifting songs that aim to guide the soul into independence, Lacy never misses a chance to bring a friend along for the ride. – See more at:

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