Monday! July 22nd! AHNAH GALLAGHER features! Plus the “Rollingstone Magazine is still a thing, right?” Haiku Quiz Guess Show!

ahnahgallagherPOETRY FEATURE: Are. You. All. Lucky. And. Going. To. Thank. Us. Later! AHNNAH GALLAGHER is a poet. That’s most all I got to say on this subject. A few months ago, Nick and I were taken by surprised by a first time open mic-er who stepped to the stage and proclaimed that she had just turned 21, and several years ago, we had performed at her high school and introduced her to performance poetry. Upon graduation, Ahnnah attended Middlebury College where some crazy future poetic greatness cocooned itself in her wonderful brain as she wrote and wrote and BECAME incredible phrases and stanzas and hatched upon graduation into a local scene that needed her voice like we’ve all needed AC the last few days! She’s moving to New York in the fall to teach, so we thought we’d treat ourselves to two full sets of her next level, human poetry! Man! If we could only keep this talent in Worcester! Oh well. There’s holidays still aren’t they? Here’s hoping!

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Uhmm.. Rolling Stone rollingstonecoverMagazine is Still a Thing? Right?” Haiku Guess Show Challenge! In-depth reporting aside, it’s pretty sad when a former institutionally significant magazine like Rolling Stone feels the need to slap boyishly handsome disturbed terrorists on their cover in order to spark enough interest to sell magazines. Amidst the media firestorm and local backlash against the inclusion of this sick individual’s visage in this month’s issue, many folks have reached even deeper and begged the vital question. “Does anyone even give a shit about Rolling Stone anymore?” True. Nick and I are taking a look back at former covers that have rocked conversation around the hipster water coolers. We’re writing haikus from the subject perspectives. You buzz in, guess who we’re talking about and win an ice cold frosty prize!

Nick may be hosting the first half this week. Criss-Cross! Duct Tape Band keeps you plugged in! YOSH & CHICKEN keep you on your toes! Art Auction and Snacks abound! That’s what we got! What you got!

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