First Friday Ruckus Review July 5th!!!! w/ special musical guest SHIRA E record release party! Plus JEFF CANNON Uncle Sam’s it! Plus Dump ‘Em Out Productions provides the Ruckus!

We like America, even when it mucks things up and makes us look dumb by dump-em-outassociation! We will celebrate the day after the BBQ’s and flag waving with a poetic, ruckusy fire works display of arts and fun that you don’t want to miss!

In Collaboration with Dump ‘Em Out Productions (twisted karaoke and local party planners deluxe) The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show is dialing it up for you and America!

I think it’s safe to say that there might be TOO much going on this Friday Night, so yeah, enjoy your day off, delay that trip to the Cape for a day and get ready to celebrate all things freedom with us, backyard bbq style!

shiraESPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: SHIRA E (aka Shira Erlichman) A force on the independent music scene, this Brooklyn-based artist has been performing her genre-defying tunes across the US, sharing stages with Coco Rosie, TuNe-YaRdS, Mirah, and Andrea Gibson. Her most recent album, the sincere and sweaty electro-soul Shouts & Sparks, redefines how we deep sea dive into our own hearts. Like her preceding five albums, it’s marked by an experimental, sincere delving into the unknown – and finding comfort there. This is necessary music, carved from the bones of a truly visionary voice in the independent music scene. Shira has numerous poetic ties to Worcester, but is returning with this amazing album or new music and is sure to put on an incredible show! Dig some sounds on her SOUNDCLOUD page!

POETRY FEATURE: JEFF CANNON is a Dirty Gerund Legend, our cannonsilver haired fox, our elder tribal statesman, our mad-cap visionary dervish who whirls devilishly brilliant performances like there won’t be an America tomorrow, or a world for that matter! He poem prayers us and takes the Duct Tape Band further and farther out than anyone else who’s ever blessed our stage! Nick has convinced him to play a renegade Uncle Sam character and we just cannot wait to see what happens when he hits our stage for a set this Friday! Expect the unexpected! Expect a beat era gladiator meditation on what it means to live in this land of the free!

dunktankBONUS RUCKUS: OUTSIDE – That’s right! The craziness begins outside on the patio at 7pm w/ live music, games, pie eating, DUNK TANK, read the haiku under the wet tee shirt contest, and other noise makers!

BONUS RUCKUSES: INSIDE – Show upstairs begins at 9pm. We’ll be playing a new game which is a composite of a bunch of all games, ties together to form the “BORED WITH heliumWORDS!”  Buzz in and select from classic Gerund guess challenges, first to 3 correct wins you prizes and glory! We’re also bringing back a classic with a twist, “PATRIOTIC STANZAS…. on HELIUM” Challenge! We’ll bring classic verse that makes us proud to be what we are, you perform, after taking a mad rip off a helium balloon and win!!!!

brettkelleyartGUEST VISUAL ARTIST: BRETT KELLEY is an Art Mercenary and Jack of multiple trades operating out of the Pioneer Valley in Central New England, USA. His enthusiasm for drawing, writing, and conceptualization has allowed him to work in many mediums spanning across tattoo design, horror make-up work, comic books, illustration and fine arts. He possesses many interests and aesthetic appreciations, so feel free to chat about anything and everything at! Bring some cash and bid on an original piece of art work he’ll be creating live!

If that’s not enough, there’ll be FREE BACON and another beautiful snackmarkleighton presented by your Snack Time Queen EMILEE MORREALE! Special invite show-casers! DUCT TAPE BAND, perhaps another surprise musical guest and karaoke dance party to end the night! And we have it on good authority that YOSH SHARTIN will be manning up and manning the bar upstairs! This could get pretty loopy! All for a simple, reduced, 3 dollar cover! You can eat $3 worth of bacon alone! God Bless something something…


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