Monday July 1st! Ring in the new month with DEVIN SAMUELS from Providence! Plus! Is it from “Nick or Alex’s Poem?” Guess Challenge!

Thanks to all who came out and celebrated number 200 with us! Here’s looking at show #201!!!!!

devinsamuelsPOETRY FEATURE: DEVIN SAMUELS just turned 21 recently but has been in the world of spoken word / performance poetry for the better part of the last decade. He has been a member on three national level youth slam teams that competing at the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival (the only poet who’s represented Providence as well as Worcester), He’s currently serving devin-samuelson this year’s Providence Adult National Team competing in Boston this August. He has coached numerous college level and youth state teams as well. He is the founder and director of Poetic Release, University of Connecticut’s first Spoken word community. This past year Devin coached his Poetic Release team to the semi finals of the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational Competition. This will be his first feature in Worcester!!!

_DSC8980BONUS RUCKUS: Is is “NICK’s POEM or ALEX’s POEM?” Guess Challenge. Nick threw down an interesting gauntlet last week. He wanted to play a game where he took lines from the awful play I wrote in college and toss them to you besides the not as awful poetry lines I’ve written since. In true Nick fashion, he’s spent the better part of this week jumping into pools and not returning my texts and has not read my play. We’ll do the next best thing (beside kicking him in the bum. We’ll ask a neutral party to read lines from poems that belong to either him or me. You buzz in, guess who wrote what! First to three gets a frosty prize on us!

Next First Friday Show coming this week! In conjunction with Dump ‘Em Out Karaoke! We’re going to do a joint Dirty Gerund / Karaoke Jam! For America! This could work! More about this later in the week! DUCT TAPE BAND abides! So do Yosh & Chicken! No Bruins (no Red Sox either) tonight! No worries, there’s still rain! Got plenty of that! Visual Artist none other than director AARON WHITE. Who’s got snacks?

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