Monday June 24th! DIRTY GERUND CELEBRATES our 200th Show! Featuring YOU! Plus Multiple Bonus Ruckus Galore! Suit up!

AlexGerundMaskI guess over the course of 3 and a half years, the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has come to be known for a bunch of things… ruckus, poetry, snacks, paint splatters, music, zaniness… but when I think of the raucous community we’ve managed to help build in this time, the only thing I can think of is presence. We’ve been there, non stop. Every monday…. Since late August 2009 till now, either NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS or I have been hosted (99% of that time, we’ve been there together). We’ve seen some of you come and go, we’ve seen some of you get really good, we’ve seen some of you invent, add on, celebrate, dance, invent, invent, INVENT!!! Even if it’s just a good time some nights, that’s more than what most folks can lay claim to. And we’re super proud to say…

This is our 200th Show!

(we count the upstairs ones as well… just to be official). That’s 200 times 200thshowwe’ve set the mic’s up, gathered some chairs, thought up some silly extra thing we can to entice folks to come hang. A lot of it’s fallen on deaf ears and/or drunken bath room fly-by’s 2 inches from the mic, sometimes someone stops and listens. We keep on.

microphonePOETRY FEATURE: YOU, that’s right! YOU! Extra spots on the open mic, extra time for that longer piece, routine, song, whatever. We thought about bringing in a fancy feature, but why? We got spots. If we don’t fill them all, we might ask you to go twice. Bring something! Hit that mic!

REALLY REAL FEATURE: FANCY PANTS GALA BALL! The last thing I want to do fancyballmaskis wear a suit on a late June Evening, but we like to think we listen when our friends express a desire to rock that extra something special, attire wise. So let’s go. Masks, ties, corsettes, boa’s. Bring it… and wear it!

BONUS RUCKUS(es): There’s be at least one, probably two. No writing / performance challenges! These will be something anyone can get down with night of! Prizes, all that!

nickdavisGerundDUCT TAPE BAND brings their own equipment! YOSH & CHICKEN may both take the night off for game 6! So look up them Manhattan Recipes and get ready to pour your own, or someone else will be there. I don’t know, nobody tells me things! 200 Shows! Nick’s proud or something and is currently spreading the word around town in the form of mayhem. If you find him passed out on a lawn (or an intersection) on Monday Afternoon, you have my permission to dump a bucket of water on him, and send him on down to Ralph’s!

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