Monday June 10th! Vancouver’s LISA SLATER! Plus! The “Really? What’s your excuse!” Challenge!

lisaslaterFEATURED POET: LISA SLATER is a spoken word artist living in Vancouver, BC. Feminist, survivor, and community builder, her poems explore what it means to reclaim our bodies and identities from what broke us open and how we relearn love, sex, friendship and family in the process. Lisa was recently a finalist at the 2012 Individual World Poetry Slam and the 2013 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. She is the 2012 Vancouver Poetry Slam Indie Champ, Erotica Slam Champ and Queer Slam Champ, as well as a five-year board member for Vancouver Poetry House and its current president. Lisa’s work has been published in The Moose & Pussy and Poetry is Dead, as well as Flicker and Spark: A Contemporary Queer Anthology of Spoken Word and Poetry.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Alright pal, what’s your F$#%n Excuse?” excusesChallenge! Okay. We set up a phenomenal show this past friday and most of our people in their infinite, rain soaked, hockey watching, wisdom chose to stay home instead! Whatever! We had a great time! We set up friday shows so people won’t have a tuseday morning excuse! So…. just what? please tell us, what was your excuse. Don’t give us rain, don’t give us bruins, give us something we can be impressed with. Bring us a poem, rant, comedy routine, about how you could have possibly missed out on last friday’s show. The most impressive tall tale will win a prize! Bring us a whopper, the not flame broiled kind!

20120507-_DSC1205We have a snack volunteer! RICE CAKE ALERT averted! DUCT TAPE BAND marches on! We welcome YOSH back this week! CHICKEN won’t be stressed about finding whatever cable channel Ralph’s doesn’t pay for to find the hockey game cause there is no hockey game! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has game like pong! We look forward to working it with you all in the future! The future!



We’ll leave you with some wonderful words from our featured artist!

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