Monday June 3rd! The “No, Regrets” Tour from Portland Oregon! Plus The Return of D/G “Chopp’d” Challenge!

noregretstourPOETRY FEATURES – The “No, Regrets!” Tour from Portland Oregon! WILLIAM STANFORD KNUDSON has represented Portland OR twice, nationally and regionally, most recently as a member of the 2012 Portland Poetry Slam NPS team. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, The Legendary, and other journals and anthologies. He is the author of two chapbooks, Wilderness and Small Talk & Tall Tales, and has a full length manuscript The Tooth & Nail Hymnal forthcoming from Sparrow Ghost Publishing. He has performed in coffee shops, theaters, and colleges across the country. CHRIS LEJA has represented Portland OR and Lewis & Clark College seven times, regionally and nationally. His work has appeared in Borderline, Anatomy & Etymology, and various other journals and anthologies. He’s been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice, and is the author of two chapbooks, Adam Outside and A Chronology of Quiet Thefts. His first full length manuscript, Living Myths is forthcoming from Sparrow Ghost Publishing. He’s performed and conducted workshops across the country, from colleges to juvenile detention centers. He dropped out of kindergarten, and consequently never learned to share.

BONUS RUCKUS: Once again, the ” D/G Chopp’d” Poem Challenge! We chop-basket-dgsteal ideas from food television shows. Deal with it! Three contestants get boxes of ingredients, including themes, forms and words that need to be used in a poem. They have the first half of the night to make their first concoction. They deliver at half time. One poet get’s chopped. The next two move on and have until the end of the show to produce the winning dish! Kind of like iron chef, but not really, at all. Winner get a DGT-Shirt and a cold drink on us!

jeffrey-mcdanielJEFFREY McDANIEL is an NEA Grant Winner and Manic D & University of Pittsburgh Press Legendary Author! He’s coming to the Dirty Gerund on June 7th! Share the facebook invite with any and all! Visit THIS Monday for a $2 coupon that can go towards that cover! DUCT TAPE ENSEMBLE ASSEMBLES stone cold grooves! Snack Time sponsored by Miss EMILEE MORREALE unless someone wants to step to the literal plate! RICE CAKE ALERT – We are on RICE CAKE ALERT! write her at – If Emilee has to make this monday’s snack, it’s rice cakes on FRIDAY!!! Just saying. Yosh and Chicken and open mic and Nick Davis and all the rest!

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