Monday May 27th! DEONTE OSAYANDE from Detroit! Plus! The “Are You Listening” Challenge!

deonteosayande2POETRY FEATURE – DEONTE OSAYANDA is a touring poet coming out of Detroit, Mi. He has featured at various venues across the US and Canada. He was a member of the 2011 Detroit National Poetry Slam Team, as well as the slam master of the 2012 Detroit Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam Team where he individually placed 5th in the Midwest. He is a two time Dudley Randall Poetry Contest winner, as well as one of the winners of Wayne Literary Review’s 2011 Poetry Contest amongst other distinctions to his name. His work has been published in numerous journals, and magazines. Check out his work live!

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “Are you listening?” areyoulisteningChallenge! Listen, we know there’s a lot going on all the time, you’re at the club, you’re trying to memorize your poem, someone cute caught your eye, you’re balancing the old check book in your head to figure out if you can buy said cute person a drink. We get it. We ask our brains to process more and more info every day. But are you listening? Like to the show? Like, if we put you on stage at half time and asked questions about poems during the first half of the show, you could ring in and take something more than a lucky guess? We hope so. First to get three correct, get a frosty prize!

alexDGthreeDUCT TAPE BAND will be welcoming back ADAM CASTEN this week! Next upstairs show is creeping up on us soon! JEFFREY McDANIEL! Snack by EMILEE? Live art by? So much going on. LTAB 2013 ended and was another huge hit! Graduations. Movings ons. Goings ons. Slam teams and what nots. One thing that’s not changing! DIRTY GERUND comes at you every MONDAY and all we want is your blood, I mean, uhm… words! Word!

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