Monday! May 20th! Double Feature Awesome w/ GARY HOARE & EMILY CARROLL!!! Plus “Nick’s Choice” Challenge

I’m too busy to count, but I’m pretty sure we’re zeroing in on Dirty Gerund Show #200! Wow so many lost memories… Let’s make more!

garyhoarePOETRY FEATURE(S) – GARY HOARE is a Worcester legend! We finally talked him into coming to visit! One of the most maniacally funny individuals to ever grace the Worcester Poetry Slam Team, from life in the advertising lane, to radio alarm clocks to pancakes, this juggernaut can keep you rolling when he chooses to! A talented graphic artist as well as veteran of several National Poetry Slam Teams, Gary’s actually quite shy and thoughtful when he’s not blasting off into space! Performance chops galore, damn fine writing and that willingness to visit the places too many of us take for granted. Gary’s also generous and wishes to grace the stage with Boston friend and poet EMILY CARROLL, a freelance writer, emilycarroleditor, designer, teaching artist, and waitress. She is a MassLEAP teaching artist and a Co-curator of Moonlighting, the Boston Poetry Slam’s new show celebrating the LGBTQ poetry community. Emily holds a BFA from Emerson College, where she was Co-curator and SlamMaster of the Emerson Poetry Project. She lives in Jamaica Plain with her partner and PJ, the wonder pug of Forest Hills. She’s also just been published in Umbrella Factory. Two features for the price of one?! Hell yeah!

BONUS RUCKUS:Nick’s Choice” – Let’s be real, I’ve been working 20 hour days preparing for the second Louder than a Bomb Youth Festival that I co-founded last year. You’re a jerk if you don’t go. (not really, but yeah) I got no time to think or write up a tasty bonus ruckus for this week. Nick’s choice. If he reads this blog post, thinks of something and brings it monday. yay! If not… well…

We’ll have a band! We’ll have snacks! We’ll have a guest visual artist, maybe? YOSH will be in the house! Maybe there’ll be a game on. They always do better when we’re poet-ing.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………. funny poet video


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