Monday! May 13th! 2013 Boston Cantab Slam Team Member NORA MEINERS! Plus! The “Awful… Just. Awful poetry i wrote in college” Challenge!

norameinersPOETRY FEATURE: In 1997, NORA MEINERS graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Creative Writing but as Nora puts it; writing promptly quit her. In 2011, they mended ways when Nora was introduced to performance poetry and this year she is on the Boston Poetry Slam 2013 National Team competing this August in Cambridge. She’s got a short commute, living in Cambridge, MA. where she is raising a 5 year old son as a single mom and spends her days working as the “missing pieces person for a jigsaw puzzle company”. Yes, that is the real job title. This is her first time featuring in Worcester!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Awful, just AWFUL poetry I wrote in collegepoetry-badcollege” PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE! Thinking about Nora’s creative writing major and how it took some time to get into performance poetry, I thought about some of my own writing from college. Wow! Awful! Simply. Awful! I had two recurring themes in my college writing career, “Man, I hate this place” and “Damn, am I scared to leave!” Oh wait, I also wrote quite a bit about people who were “fake” and “just when, oh when dear god will I get a girlfriend!” Maybe you were doing better back then. Maybe you were awful… just, awful. Bring the awful stuff down this Monday, read it out loud and win a frosty draft prize on us! Aren’t you glad I didn’t say beer pong? I’m LTAB-2013-LOGOgonna go digging for one of my masterpiece of expletivcs right now!

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND rocks knowledge in music form every monday! They’re there for you, even when you’re not there for them! Right? Snack Donation? Contact Emilee at before Sunday to have your praises sung! Just under a week left to support LOUDER THAN A BOMB MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH POETRY SLAM FESTIVAL indiegogo fund raiser!!!  Over 150 youth poets will be taking the stage at Mass ART in Boston! We should support the Gerunders of tomorrow!

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