May 3rd! “First Friday” Dirty Gerund Showcase w/ HARLYM 125, NIKI LUPARELLI and honestly so much more!!!

We are back at it! We are so back at it, we’re in it! Even if you’re not sure what that means, best believe we are about it! Dirty Gerund brings you our third monthly First Friday Showcase! This one’s gonna smash even more atoms!

harlym125POETRY FEATURE: HARLYM 125 – By day, JAMELE ADAMS tends to the business of academia, as Dean of Diversity Services at Brandeis University w/ multitudes of undergraduate & graduate degrees in tow. But at night, this poetic juggernaut commands microphones and brings the diversity like few in the New England Spoken Word Circuit today! I’ve seen this poet inspire hundreds of teens to proclaim that they were kings and queens in youth centers. I’ve seen thiharlym125twos poet make even the most seasoned erotic bards blush in jazz lounges. I’ve seen this man organize and referee underground poetry slam “fight club” battles at the annual National Poetry Slam at 4am. Whether he’s performing for 3 or 300, he brings intense heat, blistering wordplay and manic realism to every stage he touches. Originally hailing from NYC (incorporated into his stage name), this talented man now calls Boston his poetic home, earning several slots on fierce LIZARD LOUNGE National Poetry Slam Teams. Too many honors and accolades to mention here! This guy’s gonna tear the roof off the place. We’ll call the carpenters, contractors whatever, so folks can still drink at Ralph’s the next night!

nikiluparelliVARIETY GUEST: We say variety guest, because this young lady can do it all! Blending comedy, music and the kind of mayhem even socialites can get down with! NIKI LUPARELLI is a Worcester Legend! The Dirty Gerund only thought we had the slightest chance at operating a monthly upstairs show because of the precedent set by Miss Luparelli during the classic Steamy Bohemian Residency Shows from years past! We’re not sure what she’ll be bringing to our stage this Friday, but best believe we’re going to be mightily impressed! Cabaret, Burlesque, Lounge, talent talent talent!!!! for more!

GALLERY DE RUCKUS: This month we welcome ANA PEREZ, local anaperezpaintingacrylic abstract artist. She will be showing some original work as we adorn Ralph’s Upstairs for our monthly gallery sessoin when the doors open at 8:30pm. She will also paint live during the show, towards the end, (or as soon as the paint dries) we will offer it for auction! Bring your cash folks! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Read all about her in the Worcester Magazine Article!

BONUS RUCKUSES: This is an upstairs showcase, so you know clothespinswe’re dropping a couple popular bonus ruckuses on ya this month! First! About a month back, we threw down a new crazy challenge called the “THOMAS PYNCH-ON MY FACE” Challenge! Pynchon’s a very famous, highly regarded novelist! He also has an amusing name. Let’s celebrate his work by asking die-hard masochists to read chosen selections while wearing clothespins on their faces! Pinchy?! Get it? Right? Well we don’t care, we’ll find 3 fools to compete for a rad prize! The three competitors will all bid each other up and agree on a trial run. If everyone qualifies, we’ll let the real bidding begin and see who adults up to handle the most, then see if they can really do it! Ouch! Also the “FRANKENPOEM” Performance Challenge! We’re returning this less painful game back to life. 3 performers choose a bag of lines from poems and songs. Arrange them into some kind of order that almost kind of maybe makes sense, deliver it like you wrote it and win!

DG_FirstFriday_17x22The Night won’t be complete without our Invitation Spotlight Showcase where we ask some of our favorite Monday Open Mic folks to perform with 2 poem slots to do their thing! Snack Time! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape Orchestra will also be on hand and backing you up, musically and literally!

Seven dollar cover at the door. 21 plus. ($2 off, if you came down this past Monday) Is it friday yet!!! No tuesday hangover, no excuses!

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