Monday 4/15 – Got NANCY SCHOENEWOLF? We do! Plus The “Marathon? Someday” 26 and a Half Word Poem Challenge!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the increase in folks looking to open mic with us on Mondays and our desire to get home at a decent hour, we are going to be ready and willing to start the show at 9PM FROM NOW ON! Make a note! It’s fun!

schoenewolfPOETRY FEATURE: By day, NANCY SCHOENEWOLF is a Holistic Mental Health Therapist; by evening once a week, she turns into the host of GotPoetry! Live in Providence, RI! Yes, Ryk McIntyre has released her from the co-host position and so GotPoetry! Live is in full swing with her hosting as the positive hiphophippie she loves to be, with Jerediah “Big Scythe” Gonzalez as the new co-host. This journey began 3 years ago, when strange words flew from Nancy’s mind to fingers to paper/computer. Free-range ideas have manifested in imagery and phrases that trickle into ears during recitations. She loves to travel to open mics across the lands of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and occasionally New Jersey and Pennsylvania for featuring and just for the hell of it. She also loves yoga, spiritual shit, hugs and a good glass of beer at the end of the day. She has one chapbook published, and if all goes well, she’ll have another one ready by the time she returns to the Dirty Gerund! Got poetry? Got Nancy! We do and are psyched to welcome an old school Dirty Gerund Booster u Route 146 for her first feature with us!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: MARATHON MONDAY, I mean PATRIOTS DAY marathonmondayShort Poem Challenge! 26 and a half miles? Way too tiring! So is writing a whole bunch of words that good poems usually require. Let’s cut to the chase! Let’s celebrate the die hards who train for years just to unceremoniously poop themselves during that last mile! We want a short, SHORT poem about exhaustion, patriotism (which can also be exhausting) or any other aspect regarding marathons or drinking during marathons! Here’s the short breathed catch however, your poem has to be 26 and a half words! That’s it. No more no less! What’s a half word? I don’t know, figure it out! I’m tired just typing this dumb idea into a paragraph! We’ll bring the orange slices and award you a frosty draft prize!

shakespears-DGIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – we’re breaking records for folks who want to perform in the open mic. We can increase the number of people we put on, but we need to now start at 9PM in order to get this! We’ll be ready, set up and raring to flow at 9pm. If we can slightly augment this Monday Night Party Art Culture and just start a little bit earlier, just think of how many more folks we can let on stage! (2, 3?) Think of the possibilities! YOSH & CHICKEN are not thinking about that, but will think about anything you want if you tip them well! DUCT TAPE band rocks like few others! Thanks to Fletcher for his Caprese Snack Time! Who will bring this week? Email to let us know? Visual Artist? Do we still do that? Ha ha! Of course we do! Come experience the culture! and the ennui! not really! maybe.



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