Monday! April 8th! ARTIE MOFFA visits from San Francisco! Plus Iron Poet Prelim! “??? vs ???”

artiemoffaPOETRY FEATURE – ARTIE MOFFA never sought out a publishing deal, but somehow his limericks have been sold at taste-making poetry boutiques such as Wal-Mart, Target, and the Apple Store. He never wanted to be an “activist” poet, but somehow his economic manifesto spent three weeks on YouTube’s top 100 and was the first performance piece to be panned by the vaunted literary critics of Consumer Reports. He started a company to publish more light verse, formalism, and comic strips…and his most successful releases have been poetry books by Sam Teitel and Carrie Rudzinski. He has never competed at NPS or IWPS, yet here he is on a poetry tour during National Poetry month, of all things. Most of Artie’s successes in poetry have been unplanned, but when you see him perform on stage, you’ll realize that every line, word, or syllable of his poems is exactly where he wanted it to be. Artie spent many years supporting the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab, he’s visiting from San Francisco and is blessing our stage at the Gerund for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: It’s time! IRON POET PRELIM MATCH-UP – who’s jackiemorrillIRONPOETgot the poetic acumen to take on three rounds of on the spot writing goodness? Who wants to take on Interim Champ JACKIE MORRIL for the right to test Champion JEN MAHON when she returns this summer? These competitors will receive a secret ingredient at the beginning of the show, compliments of Chairman YOSH SHARTIN. They will take it and create an original haiku, short poem and incorporate into a poem done before. They will then present their concoctions to the audience at the end of the night where three judges will score them on taste, presentation and use of the ingredient! Winner faces the champ next month for a shot at the title! Who’s competing? Well we’ve got some feelers out and hoping to drop some names you won’t want to miss!

alexDGthreeHoly cow! That was a helluva upstairs show last friday! Thanks to all who came out, performed and threw down for some cultural activity in our fair city! Who’s got snacks for this Monday? Do us all a flavorful favor and  contact Emilee Morreale over at to volunteer! Guest visual artist NATHAN WILKES just picked up the ink and paints a few weeks ago and tapping into some art, this screenwriter, didn’t know he had! Auction follows! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, DUCT TAPE BAND and YOSH & CHICKEN are always on hand to welcome you! I guess I am too! Woot!

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