Monday! April 1st! Manchester Poet MATTHEW RICHARDS ain’t foolin! Plus The “April’s Foul” Spring Haiku Challenge!

Monday! Celebrate National Dirty Gerund, I mean, uhm, National Poetry Month with…

matthewrichardsPOETRY FEATURE: MATTHEW RICHARDS – We finally get to see this newly turned 21 poet at the DG! Don’t be fooled though, he’s a grizzled veteran of the New England Performance Poetry Scene! Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, he was a member of the 2012 Lowell poetry slam team, as well as the 2011 Slam Free or Die team, on which he performed at the National Poetry Slam as their Rookie of the Year. He was an organizer in the Occupy New Hampshire movement, as well as the co-founder of New Hampshire Pride Fest, the first LGBTQ+ pride festival to ever take place in Manchester. He is currently working on a manuscript about his experiences in the Occupy movement and living alongside Manchester’s vulnerable, tentatively titled “Revolution is a Ruthless Boxcar.” He is very excited to finally be of age to read at the Gerund. The man wears sandals all year round and stands by his beliefs! He’s also a phenomenal poet and we can’t wait to let his words fly at you!

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Spring’s FOUL!” Haiku / Dare stinkyChallenge! Yeah, we’ve all heard of the head to head haiku battle? These seventeen syllable poetic miracles come in handy while pondering the changing of seasons and all things nature-y. Bring 7 haiku that can celebrate spring, or fool us into thinking spring’s coming when it’s actually… more ugh! We’ll take 4 competitors and do a couple rounds of head to head competition. The winner will receive a totally sweet prize! The loser… here’s the twist, will have to choose between two mini-pies. One of them is totally sweet. The other, FOUL!!!!! April Fools. April Foul! Don’t blame me, Nick announced it last week without my creative input!

DG_FirstFriday_17x22Something I have super input on is the APRIL 5th UPSTAIRS HOTNESS THAT IS 1st FRIDAY DG UPSTAIRS RUCKUS REVIEW!!! Featuring the incredible REGIE GIBSON & MUSICAL GUEST LOST PROFIT$!!! Click on the link and click attend, then send it to your friends!!!! Big time! Come to the show this Monday and receive a $2 coupon off the friday cover! Duct Tape Band Plays great! Yosh and Chicken still stinging from the Bruins loss to the Canadiens! Miss Emilee says you all dodged a rice cake shaped bullet this week thanks to Nick’s Mom & Matthew who came through on snack donation! Visual Arts? Meh… I think someone’s on that?


One Response to “Monday! April 1st! Manchester Poet MATTHEW RICHARDS ain’t foolin! Plus The “April’s Foul” Spring Haiku Challenge!”

  1. I’m Matt Richards’ BIGGEST Fan! Best poet I ever heard! Thanks for having him feature! Matt’s Mom, Jeannie Richards

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