Monday! March 25th! 5th ELAMENT from Providence helps celebrate NICK’s BIRTHDAY! Plus the “Nick’s poem or random rant!” Guess Challenge! ALSO! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT! URGENT!

5thelamentFEATURE: KAL CHAMPLAIN aka 5th ELAMENT is an independent artist, educator, and femcee. Rocking mics for over 12 years, exploring all sides of herself from the intellectual to sexual, taking her listeners on a journey with each track, and loves nothing more than to mix fun in with the lesson. Referring to herself as a “jedi,” her light saber (or weapon of choice) is a wireless mic so that she can be one with the crowd as needed to always keep them a part of 5thelament2the show. Although rooted in hip hop, 5th Elament’s music has an eclectic feel that has appealed to audiences outside of hip hop as well, making her universal. This artist leaves all with hope, love, head nods, and a good time. Her work is meant to call the spirit to a higher place, remind the soul to open up, and show what can happen with a change in just one individual. Believing that women should never be placed in a box, 5th Elament is determined to take the freedom to explore every part of herself in her music and poetry to show women that there is nothing they can’t do.  She carries many alter egos, but the main one is 5th Elament: showing her conviction that it is women who will bring together the four elements of hip hop through their knowledge, compassion, and sense of community. 2 years ago she paid a visit and rocked us something fierce! This is a special request re-appearance from the Birthday Boy himself, so you know we’re gonna wear our party dance pants!

nickbloodBONUS RUCKUS: “NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS POEM? or RANDOM RANT?” Quiz Show Guess Challenge! Have you been sticking around for the second half of our shows? Catch co-curator and host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ amazing poetic musings on love lost, love found, drinking, Worcester and comas? Do you think you’re on top of the pantheon of his poetic prowess? Well, prove it! I’ll read lines from Nick’s work, as well as random lines he’s texted me, or left dangling over the pages of social media. You guess if this is from a poem or a random conversation (sometimes the most poetic) and win a shot of something harmful on us. Maybe a candy bar. I don’t know. Can’t decide!

YOU should DECIDE to come party with us on APRIL 5th for our next ricecakeupstairs jamboree featuring the likes of REGIE GIBSON & LOST PROFIT$! We’ll have special discount cards for the next two monday shows, come show support and we’ll support your wallet back to the tune of two bucks! DUCT TAPE BAND is in full swing and have been killing it lately! WE ARE IN AN OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! If nobody writes Emilee at in the next couple of days to volunteer a snack for this Monday, yup, it’s RICE CAKES, the flavorless kind! Boooooooo!!! YOSH & CHICKEN can eat all the chili they want, what are you going to do?

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