Monday March 3rd! Touring Duo from Portland Oregon! Plus! “The DG” Chop! Basket Challenge!

NICOLECASSIES-BooktourWhat a great opening kick-off to our first upstairs residency show this past Friday. Thanks to all who performed and supported! Worcester Wins! We gotta keep all this great momentum up and not neglect our Monday booty shaking duties! We hope to see you all tomorrow as we welcome a pair of super talented artist from the pacific northwest…

nicoleJgeorgesNICOLE J. GEORGES ( is an award-winning educator, illustrator and pet portrait artist from Portland, Oregon. Nicole has been publishing the autobiographical comic Invincible Summer since 2000, and has toured the country extensively, including two month-long appearances on Michelle Tea’s Sister Spit the Next Generation. Her work has been featured in Tin House, Bitch Magazine, The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls book, and more. In her spare time,Nicole gives advice at and volunteers with senior citizens.
Calling Dr. Laura is her first full-length graphic memoir.

CASSIE J. SNEIDER ( is the author of cassieJsneiderthe life-changingly hilarious memoir Fine Fine Music, a memoir about growing up on Long Island, getting into rockandroll, and having many minimum-wage jobs along the way. She has been touring and performing around the country with comics and zines since 2008, including a nation-wide Sister Spit tour with Michelle Tea and Dorothy Allison in 2012. Cassie is a highly-acclaimed story teller, and hosts a monthly storytelling series called THE WORST! in Brooklyn and San Francisco.

chop-basket-dgBONUS RUCKUS: The Introduction of the first “Dirty Gerund Chop! Basket” Writing Challenge! Okay. Yeah! We steal ideas from television. Those stupid boxes were our first teachers. We’ll take a creative idea and flip it just enough to get a fun game out of it while not getting sued by certain food networks. What’s that network called, meh, I forget. So here’s the deal. Start of the show, we’ll take three competitors and give them a basket. Inside will be a poetic form, a theme, and a word that must be used in the piece. They will have the first half to work out an original creation. One competitor will get dismissed, then the last two standing will get another basket with another set of inspiration. They come back at the end and compete to see who’ll be champ! $25 dollars on the line! Get your aprons ready! This is no Iron Poet walk in the dark walk in freezer!

DUCT TAPE BAND is gonna chop up some funky jams to back our open DGruckusMeandNickmic! YOSH & CKICKEN swears there’s something healthy in the chili! EMILEE is the snack time queen, but that doesn’t mean that you all are relieved from volunteering the next snack. Contact her! (on our staff page). Visual arts will be had. There may be some  really interesting media arts stuff going on while our features perform. This show’s going to be interesting. Many thanks to MATTHEW FLYNN for suggesting & inviting these touring talents to our stage! Congrats to new Iron Poet Champ JACKIE MORRILL who once again, reluctantly flaunts her amazing word talents in the most humble way!


2 Responses to “Monday March 3rd! Touring Duo from Portland Oregon! Plus! “The DG” Chop! Basket Challenge!”

  1. They say nice things about the Dirty Gerund in this video.

  2. What a great time! Cassie and Nicole were wonderful! I’ll definitely be back and look forward top more “ruckus”.

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