Monday, Feb 25th! CASSANDRA ASHLEY visits from Boston! Plus The “Sock Puppet Lipsync” Poem Performance Challenge!

We’ve had a few amazing weeks in a row! That means only one thing! Let’s cap this month of resurgent awesomeness with another stellar show!

cassieclarkeFEATURED POET: CASSANDRA ASHLEY is a life-long martial artist, writer, and community organizer. Her work’s been performed on stages throughout New England, at National Poetry Slam 2012, and published in Amethyst Arsenic, and Borderline. She once punched a shark in the nose and served Pad Thai to Kieran Culkin. A member of 2011 Lowell Poetry Slam Team and member for last year’s 2012 Providence Poetry Slam Team, Cassie played a huge part in making the inaugural Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts Youth Poetry Slam Festival. She’scassieclarke2 currently working on a sci-fi novel, but we’ve managed to talk her into taking a break to come and regale us with her fine work! First Time Worcester Feature! Come experience the good! (pictured in fairy wings reading alongside Franny Choi!)

sockpuppetBONUS RUCKUS: The First Annual “Sock-Puppet Lip-Sync” Poem Performance Challenge! Ya’ll got socks right? Still bummed about not having ever appeared on Sesame Street? Well good, put them to good use and slap a silly face on ’em. Then bring them to the Dirty Gerund and perform your best poem while making it look like the puppet’s got it on lock down! Best performance is chosen by the audience and the winner will get a googly eyed prize, or a drink on us! Either way, it’s gonna get googly! Partially inspired by our first ever puppet who rocked our open mic last week! Ya, we’re into it…. so what?

Expect a return of our regular DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND DG_FirstFriday_17x22this week! YOSH & CHICKEN always wear socks while serving you the best in burgers and cocktails! Snacks? Art? We’re about one week away from the FIRST UPSTAIRS RALPH’S RUCKUS REVIEW RESIDENCY SHOW w/ Duende, Megan Thoma and so much more! CLICK ON THE EVENT INVITE & PASS IT ON! SPREAD THE WORD!!!! Like now! So many thanks and props to friend and graphic artist guru JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL for her fine poster work!

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