MONDAY! FEB 11th! VICTOR INFANTE spins a birthday feature! Musical Guest JAMES KEYES! Plus the “Save our Community Center” Impassioned Poetic Plea Challenge!

Great show last week! February’s ramping up for an epic Dirty Gerund Run!

victorinfantePOETRY FEATURE: By all accounts, one or more of the following things must be true about VICTOR D. INFANTE: A.) He was the swordsman-adventurer that exposed an anti-papist terror plot through a deftly worded letter to a Swiss Marxist newspaper; B.) He is a rock ’n’ roll lexicographer, studiously compiling a 17-volume dictionary of musical terms, with notations as to how the words relate to the Canadian progressive rock band Rush; C.) He is a composite persona whose writing and Internet presence is the shared creation of a dozen 16-year-old girls from Des Moines, Iowa; or D.) He is a poet, journalist, editor and all-around literary gadfly living in Worcester, Massachusetts. As with most philosophical questions, there are no correct or incorrect answers, except for perhaps, “Arnold Palmer.” victorinfante2Whoever he truly he is, he is probably an inveterate liar, and not to be trusted. Victor D. Infante’s poems, stories, essays and articles have been published in dozens of periodicals internationally, and he recently released his first full-length collection of poetry, City of Insomnia, from Write Bloody Publishing. At present, he is the editor-in-chief of The November 3rd Club, an online literary journal of political writing, and a copy editor for The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, where he oversees the newspaper’s “The Weekend Starts Now” e-mail newsletter of arts & entertainment events. On occasion, he contributes to OC Weekly and, sporadically hosts an online radio show, “The Eclectic Word,” for the World Wide Word Radio Network, and dabbles occasionally in writing screenplays and comic books, as if he didn’t have enough to do already. We’re celebrating Victor’s Birthday this week, with rumors of a new chapbook release and fun galore in store!

jameskeyesMUSICAL GUEST: We don’t always have one, so when our birthday feature requests us to have one, you know we’re listening! JAMES KEYES has hit our stage before! Occupying his own unique space in American music somewhere between the throaty junkyard stomp of Tom Waits and the wild mercurial ramblings of Dylan, James Keyes is a musician who’s own sound is just gritty and earthy enough to scare away casual listeners in these times of manufactured pop and just easy enough to make the adventurous a listener for life. It’s the cumulative sound of all the folk music that’s come before it. Gut-bucket blues, honky-tonk tear jerkers, songs of the road and its endless freedom, dark nights in smoky roadhouses and that long black ache of the broken American dream.

BONUS RUCKUS: 2nd attempt! The “SAVE OUR COMMUNITY activistbullhornCENTER” Impassioned Plea Challenge! Once again, we’ll take the liberty of setting up a ludicrous scenario to put you in the right activist writing prompt mood. (NOTE: THIS SCENARIO IS NOT REALLY REAL – this is an exercise people). Worcester City Hall has had it with Ralph’s and the Shenanigans at the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. They want to demolish our beloved venue and want to force us and our art out into the gutter where they think it belongs. They want to pave the way for a new golf course and there’s only one thing that can stop the bull-dozers, that’s right! You! and your words! Get loud, get eloquent, get ornery. We’re gonna reward our top activist with an awesome prize! We’re also gonna keep these poems and speeches on file in case life imitates our imaginary games and we have to roll deep at a city council meeting. Let’s hope it never comes to that! People at a silly variety show in a rock and roll bar can still care and get active! Let’s practice making artful noise together!

The party keeps moving on Tuesday, as NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and ALEX CHARALAMBIDES join former musical guests THE HIP SWAYERS to celebrate MARDI GRAS (click for event details). The art party train keeps rolling all year! Yay!

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