MONDAY FEB 4th! CRAIG NELSON returns to Worcester! PLUS Nicky Marbles Presents: The “You don’t have the (gum)balls!” Challenge!

craignelsonPOETRY FEATURE: CRAIG NELSON – Fresh off his 2001 chapbook release “Textually Frustrated,” and the rampant success of his epic poem “My Ragdoll Kitten, I Love You,” Craig is ready to rock.
He also runs a weekly poetry venue ( out of Northampton, MA. Craig made a name for himself in the late 90’s / early 2000’s open mic and poetry slam scenes! A member of the 2001 Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team that competed in Seattle Washington, Craig spins his narratives with pops of humor, sincerity and occasional allusions to german synth music from bands you’ve never heard of (well, maybe Aaron White’s heard of them). He’s been sheparding an amazing, burgeoning spoken word poetry scene in Northampton where he currently resides. It’s been far too long since his funny bone tickling tales have sparkled on a Worcester Stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: Nickey Marbles presents…. The first ever “You Don’t Have bubblegumthe (gum)balls!” Spit Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has a big mouth, you never know what you’re gonna find in there, but you can bet he can fit more in there than you! Get the choking hazard waiver forms ready. Nickey wants to know how many gum balls you can get betwixt your cheeks as you read pre-selected macho poems that’ll do more than test your elocution skills. Extra style points if you can blow a dope bubble. I love writing this blog. This is the first original Bonus Ruckus we’ve run in some time, hot prize to the winner. The ruckusy antics are back!

alexDGthreeDUCT TAPE BAND marches on! YOSH & CHICKEN will get to you right at commercial… it’s hockey season damn-it. Former Dirty Gerund Musical Guest THE HIPSWAYERS are inviting Dirty Gerund to throw down on some Mardi-Gras action this year, we don’t even have to take our tops off! (“Nick! They said we DIDN’T have to take our… nevermind”) Details for that soon! Also details out soon for our first “FIRST FRIDAY” upstairs Ralph’s Residency! Twice the everything!!!! Nick misses you or something… Also, the return of FACEBOOK INVITES – tell your friends!

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