Monday! Jan 28th – SOFIA SNOW visits from BOSTON! Plus! The return of The “Save our Community Center” Impassioned Poetic Plea Challenge!

sofiasnowPOETRY FEATURE – Art has been known to sway governments, shift social paradigms and shape history. SOFIA SNOW, as poet, community organizer and dancer, is a proud participant of such culture. In 2006, Sofía won Best Spoken Word Artist in the Massachusetts Industry Committee’s Hip Hop Awards, and in a short amount of time, she has become a veritable force in the international community of writers, activists, artists, and performers. She has performed as poet, MC, and dancer; and has presented workshops at a variety of conferences, schools, and venues, including Media Matters Conferences, the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art-Boston and many other events throughout the US, UK, Central America, and West Indies. Sofía’s poems have been published in the Someone Might Hear You, the Boston Globe, Women in RedZine and in a variety of other anthologies, newspapers, and magazines at an international scale. She has shared the stage with artists ranging from Rakim, to Willie Colón, to Raheem DeVaughn and more. Sofía has a passion for the triple threat of art, activism and education and has taught at all levels, from elementary through Harvard University. In 2011, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, on a full scholarship through the First WaveProgram. Co-Founder of the Not Enough Mics Collaborative, Sofía looks forward to creating a space for women artists to network, grow, and succeed in their artistic endeavors.

BONUS RUCKUS – The “SAVE OUR COMMUNITY CENTER” Impassioned activistbullhornPlea Challenge! Once again, we’ll take the liberty of setting up a ludicrous scenario to put you in the right activist writing prompt mood. (NOTE: THIS SCENARIO IS NOT REALLY REAL – this is an exercise people). Worcester City Hall has had it with Ralph’s and the Shenanigans at the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. They want to demolish our beloved venue and want to force us and our art out into the gutter where they think it belongs. They want to pave the way for a new golf course and there’s only one thing that can stop the bull-dozers, that’s right! You! and your words! Get loud, get eloquent, get ornery. We’re gonna reward our top activist with an awesome prize! We’re also gonna keep these poems and speeches on file in case life imitates our imaginary games and we have to roll deep at a city council meeting. Let’s hope it never comes to that! People at a silly variety show in a rock and roll bar can still care and get active! Let’s practice making artful noise together.

Let’s share snacks and rock out to the DUCT TAPE Band! Let’s welcome back Ashley Tucker is bringing back her awesome painting that’s waiting an extra week to sell in our auction! Let’s muster up our Monday Energy and start the week right, with open mic radness and the best talent, coming to perform in our area, week after week! YOSH & CHICKEN dare you to miss it!

We’ll leave you with an amazing film/poem by our young word warrior feature:

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