Monday! Jan 21st! LUCIA MISCH visits from MONTREAL! That’s in Canada! Plus! “GREAT SPEECH or POEM?” Quiz Guess Show Challenge!

ImagePOETRY FEATURE: LUCIA MISCH grew up at an astronomical observatory near San Jose, California. She began writing and performing at fifteen, and moved to Canada three years later. She placed second at the 2011 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, was a member of the 2010/11 Vancouver Slam Team, a two-time South Bay Youth Slam champion, cofounder of the University of British Columbia Poetry Slam, and the winner of the 2010 Vancouver Labour Slam. She can fix your bicycle, make you a mean leek and potato soup, or let you borrow her staple gun, all for the small price of a story about dinosaurs. She believes in the Oxford comma and currently lives in Montreal.

BONUS RUCKUS – The return of “GREAT SPEECH OF HISTORY or POEM?” QUIZ ImageGUESS SHOW! In honor of Martin Luther King Day & all great speakers of history who turned dreams into fiery, dramatic displays of elocution, we’re paying homage to the words of great speeches from history and setting them side by side with great lines from poetry! Your job? Buzz in and guess which is which! Be the first to get three correct, we’re connect you to a frothy frosty prize! The only thing we have to fear is…. uhm… how’s that go? Muppets?

ImageDirty Gerund Duct Tape Band fears you might miss out on all the tasty grooves and jams! YOSH & CHICKEN ask not what your local barkeeps can do for you…. Our visual artist ASHLEY TUCKER killed it on oils last week, but ya’ll failed to pony up the proper bid to win her work, she’ll be back with her painting this Monday to see who’s got the pockets full of green to win! Snacks? Details forthcoming soon on our new “First Friday” Upstairs Ralphs Monthly Residency Extravaganza starting up this March 1st! Too excited!

We’ll leave you with some great words from our feature, visiting from up North!

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