Monday Jan 11th! RYK McINTYRE joins the 3-timers club! Plus! The “Are you listening?” Quiz Show Challenge!

ImagePOETRY FEATURE – New England Poetry Slam legend & 2012 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member, RYK McINTYRE brings his fabulous performance chops and powerful story telling style to our stage, joining a select few who have been invited back to feature at the Dirty Gerund for the third time! Remarkable wit, humor and bravery are this poet’s benchmarks, whether rapping about Godzilla or exploring family life and his own deliciously demented take on life, love and creature double features, Ryk makes it a point to do his job and leave it all on stage! In 1991, he represented the venue at the National Poetry Slam. A mainstay of the scene, he became part of the new-school hosting staff in 2004 when the SlamMaster post changed hands. After a fourteen-year absence from the National Poetry Slam, Ryk earned a spot on the venue’s slam team in 2005, setting the record for Cantab slammer with the longest hiatus and return. Additionally, he slammed in national competition for Worcester for two years and was also featured at the very first Legends of Slam showcase at the 2006 National Poetry Slam. Ryk has toured nationally and in Canada, opening for acts as varied as Leon Redbone, Andrei Codrescu and Jim Carroll. He has performed his work at NYC’s New School and Boston’s ICA and Strand Theater, as well as appearing as part of Lollapalooza. He has been published in Short Fuse- An Anthology Of New Fusion Poets, 100 Poets Against The New World Order, Aim for The Head (Write Bloody Press), nthposition, The Worcester Review, and The Huffington Post.He currently co-curates Got Poetry Live in Providence, RI. He can also bake bread!

BONUS RUCKUS – The return of the “ARE YOU LISTENING?” Quiz Challenge! Well areImage you? Listening? To the poets? To the words they’re saying? Really? Like for real? We, at the Dirty Gerund love to stomp, clap, skat and flail our arms in the name of local art support. It’s just kind of nice to know that some of our open mic-ers and featured guests are getting listen to. Listen! This will be on the quiz show test. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and I will take copious notes during this Monday’s show. Listen in, tune in, turn on and win a frosty prize if you can answer questions based on the evening’s sterling poetic shine! 

ImageDUCT TAPE band is doing the thing! YOSH & CHICKEN hope this Monday’s Snack Time Doesn’t end up strewn across Diamond Street! Congratulations to ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS who is once again IRON POET CHAMPION! Bobby took his win as an opportunity to call out former champ JACKIE MORRILL, challenging her to take the belt back! What can we say, he does not feel that he deserves the title, until he bests her! Jackie? What say ye? We normally want to have another qualifier to present the champ with his next challenger, but hey, we’ll bend our own dumb rules, to accommodate a match of this magnitude. Onward!

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  1. Ashley tucker Says:

    And I’m doing art.

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